Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty One

Okay guys, I have a dramatic announcement to make today! *haha damn drama queen*

Yeap! The blogger of this blog finally turns 21 today. 21!! I'm finally of legal age, which means I'm an adult already yay!

Can vote in the next election, can go clubbing without kena halau by bouncer, can watch any movie I want etc :P

Anyway, this year's birthday is relatively quieter, as all my friends are not around and my family is not into the tradition of celebrating bdays. (which is a pity, next time I'll make sure to celebrate for my kids!)

However, I must say, this bday still surpassed my expectations as I thought it would be a extremely quiet one as they are not with me.

But I really can't believe how loved I am by my friends! =D

I would like to say a big thank you for the smses, the phone calls, the posts on my Wall in Facebook and of coz, the presents! ^v^

Yeah, can you believe this? I still got presents coz they were sent to me thru courier! Let me tell you, nothing beats the exhilaration and the suspense one feels when you receive parcels thru the mail! haha.

Okay time for some pictures~

This prezzie is by Li Yannie. Look at the amount of envelopes she used haha. Actually there was one more bigger one that is not in this picture.

the more envelopes, the better to ensure the safety of the contents! haha

And here's the super cute card that she sent! I think the sheeps are very kawaii indeed! hehe. And I shall treasure what you wrote inside =)

don't you think the sheep that is supposed to be me expresses my xpression well :P

And with the card comes a nice pair of earrings! I could guess what were they when I saw the massively tissue-wrapped bundle. lol.

Plus she said she was giving me a little something to add to my "expanding collection". Haha she knows I can't resist earrings!

And here they are:

classy and elegant

According to her, it's a little different than my normal taste (and again she's right, coz normally I'm more into colourful types haha) but I still think it's very pretty. Thanks Yannie!

Next is this parcel by my dear dear. I'm so touched he remembered!

I was so surprised to get this

Guess what is inside? The parcel looks so mysterious... tempting me to open it. I had to resist very hard coz the parcel arrived early. :P


Don't you think the box is decorated very beautifully? I love it!

And let's slowly open the box to see what's inside...

wow so pink!!

Some lovely hand-written cards by my friends and a scarf!! It's pink and shimmery! Haha I'm gonna use it to keep myself warm when it's winter in Perth next year! =D

And you know what's the best part? That's not all!

Last night, he sent me an email with a file attached and ask me to open it, while refusing to entertain all my guesses on what it is. Hmm..

So open it I did, and guess what??

It's a Happy Birthday Song with each line sung by a different person! By my friends!! omigosh! It must have took him ages to get everybody to record a line then even more time to make the song in perfect continuation!

I feel so touched. and happy. ^v^ I had fun trying to guess who was singing each line hehe. Anyway, thanks for everything, dear dear!! I love my birthday surprise a lot! *beams*

And peeps, thank you also for taking the time to record the bday song for me. It is really meaningful to me. (and Leong, yours is the funniest, I at once knew it was you when I heard your line hehehe)

Okay, I guess that's all for now. I wanna say thanks again to everybody who made my birthday a happy one!

I feel so loved and blessed. I think for once, I must be doing things right. =)


Genova said...

hi there
happy 21st birthday :)

Titus Tang said...

Hey, Happy Belated Birthday =)

Glad you had a really good one!

Harry MacDowel said...

happy belated 21st!! ^^
was happy that u finally made it! i mean, u are now eligible to join us, the elders.


Zzzyun said...

genova> hello! thanks!

titus> tenkiu tenkiu! it was really a nice meaningful one =)

yi long> thanks! haha i tot made it to what..manatau is "elders" level ade.. oops old d!

LY@nn said...

eh, use more envelopes so that can prolong the suspense mah...*LOL* hope u had fun removing one by one :P :P

pinkshirtz said...

Here's a happy birthday song for you too, in c major with clarinet!

Too too too too too too .... too too too too too toooo .... tooo tooo tooo tooo too tooo toooo ... toooo tooo toooo tooo tooo tooooooooo!

Check correct a not! X)

Happy birthday!

Zzzyun said...

liyannie> prolong suspense pulak! i tot its because u wanna protect the earrings haha.. but yeap, i had fun being surprised when i took out one envelope after the other! lol. anyway thanks again! ^^

kevin> haha seems pretty accurate to me, the length of each "tooo" lol. thanks for the song! =)

LY@nn said...

Hahahaha....not bad at all, kevin's too-ing skills.... :P :P

Zzzyun said...

lol i agree! quite believable bday song haha