Monday, September 08, 2008

Thought Progress

Been dilligently going to clinic once every week. I consider it a break from the same old routine everyday.

However, today seemed different from the other days. I was in a determined mood.

It's really high time to stop all the grumbling. There really is no use whining over something that cannot be changed. Might as well try to do something meaningful with the ample time I have. Something that I will lack severely in the future.

My frenz are all working hard. so I should do too!

So today, with my dad's recommendation, I started reading the Medical Progress that is given to all drs so that they can keep updated with current knowledge. It proved to be a relatively interesting read. Although I must admit, there was some knowledge that were too in-depth for me, so I skipped those articles.

And there were some cases today that deserved some reading up, which I shall do tmr. I hope I won't procastinate abt it.

And sadly, I noticed that my medical knowledge is slowly seeping away, leaving only hazy fuzzy remnants in my brain. So I really gotta continue reading, or I'll really look like a dumb twit when I reach aussie next year. -_-

Here are some things I shld check out:

  • Phenothiazine sensitivity - which leads to extrapyramidal signs and symptoms
  • My basics abt antibiotics. very important!
  • Enteric fever
  • The fact that thyroid disease is a major cause of atrial fibrillation
  • Difference btw giddiness and vertigo. Causes of vertigo.

There are some more minor details (eg. xanthelasma, corneal arcus, simian crease) too which I have prior knowledge but still am not so sure abt identifying them. So need to look up more pics. This site seems pretty good for eye signs.

Actually, I have had the intention to start reading up a bit here and there since long but how shld I put it?

Procastination really is the thief of time. I hope this time I won't let it beat me again.

Get going, girl!! ^v^

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