Thursday, February 22, 2007

House M.D. Medical Reviews

This is just a sweet and short post to share smtg interesting with you medical drama freaks out there... I'll blog abt my cny celebrations in a later post okay (well if you guys want to know lah) but then I don't care. This is my blog, I write what I want. :P

Anyway, this site is recommended by k0k in his blog and now I'm passing around the recommendation. Those who are a fan of the medical series House M.D. and who want to read some good reviews abt the series will be able to do so at this site.

The blogger, Dr.Scott is a medical doctor in his own right, and therefore will be able to pick out any gross inaccuracies in the series, point out if the medicine used is the prefered choice, and how logical or believable is it tat the beloved/hated Dr. House came to his clinical diagnosis in each episode etc.

On a sidenote, just wanna say I lurve watching House M.D. as it gives me more motivation to learn new stuff. And I rmb how excited me and my frenz used to get when we cud understand some of the medical jargon that is spouted by the team... and how sometimes we go and check out what we dunno. hehe. What can I say, medical students. -_-"

Some ppl say Grey's Anatomy (not the book Gray's Anatomy okay), the medical series is nice, some say nope. But from what I gathered, this series focus less on the clinical medicine side compared to House M.D. and more on, erm... "interpersonal relationships" between the medical staff (and sometimes patients too). Hehe.

Maybe I'll give it a try sometime. Watched half an episode on telly once and it was just plain confusing for me. Maybe that was becoz I was multi-tasking tho. Was doing backdrop stuff and watching telly. And I tell ya, it's more important to focus on not cutting off your fingers accidentally than watching telly. lol.

Oops, I digressed. Anyway, better keep to my promise of this being a short post. Blek. Okay, just go check out this site if you are a fan of House M.D. okay. Tataz~!

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