Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just Another (Un)Eventful Day

Aikz. I'm not going back to KL on sat morning as planned. Sad case, coz I wanted to get all the house-cleaning done and out of the way before sunday. Which then I'll pour my remaining efforts into finishing the backdrop and of coz, not forgetting, going to Pui Fun's 21st birthday party that night. hehe. Can't wait~! =)

Anyway, Beh who's driving us back is sick, tat being the reason behind the delay in return, I assume. *sigh* That definitely can't be helped, as I must think abt the safety of all the passengers ma, including myself of coz! Well, at least that gives me one more day to enjoy all the goodness that is available in penang alone! hoho..

Oh ya, one of my frenz who I was supposed to meet up had ffk-ed me (that's "fong fei kei" for you) or cancelled our outing today. She had her reasons of coz, but just tat I sometimes wonder why just setting up one simple meeting up is so hard. We've planned and rescheduled this outing umpteen times, but still to no avail. Guess it's just not meant to be. *sigh*

On another unrelated note, I finally went for my long-due hair cut today~! ^v^ Yeah. And since I'd had this same mope of hair for a loooong time, it's time to change (quoting Digi, lol). I'm abit sick of it too. lol. And I'd put things into the hairstylist's hands and let him decide for himself after a few basic intructions like:

  • pls don't shave my head bald altho I know Britney has just done it,
  • pls don't give me a fringe tat totally covers my eyes as I won't be able to see where I'm going etc.

Yeah yeah, I'm just trying to be funnily lame. -_-"

Anyway, the end result is pretty nice!! He said this hairstyle is one of the latest ones in 2007 and it's a japanese-styled cut wo! Kawaii~! I don't profess to be an expert on hairstyles (actually I dunno anything abt that) so I'll take his words to be true lo okay. He even said that it's similar to the hairstyle of one of the girls in S.H.E.!! Which I can safely hazard a guess that it's quite near the truth. ^v^ Isn't that cool or what?

Well, at least it's smtg different. So much better than the "huh? you got cut hair meh?"s that abound everytime I mention casually that I'd gone a haircut. I think this time there's significant change enough for most ppl to see, well, I hope.

However, the price (figuratively) I've to pay is quite high. Literal price is quite reasonable for the effort taken. Believe it onot, waiting for my turn plus cutting my hair took almost FOUR freaking hours! Isn't that crazy? And I was the 2nd customer that morning and the person b4 me was my younger cousin who took almost 1.5 hours to finish off. My haircut took abt 1.5 hrs too. Now if you just do the math, you'd be asking where did the 1 hour go to? That goes to waiting for him to even appear, then to take his own sweet time combing and blowing his hair b4 he was ready to work. -_- Behold, the malaysian tak-apa attitude in the flesh!

He works a tad too slowly for my liking. At this rate, his earnings are so much less compared to someone's who more efficient. However, kudos to him for the effort put in of coz. I can see that he truly loves his craft. Anyway, at least I got off with a nice haircut after all that painstaking waiting. [was almost gonna go bonkers looking at him mooning around his job tho]

Okla, enough rambling for today. Just felt like blogging what that spontaneously comes to mind as I'm kinda bored now. Right, gotta go, folks! Toodles~


k0k s3n w4i said...

Stream of consciousness type of writing. Cool...

I, on the other hand, am going to pull a Britney this monday or tues.

Post some pics, wei~

Zzzyun said...

nah. its just basically spouting whatever nonsense that comes to mind. blek.

haha you pulling a britney wud be fine.. me not so. lol.

pics? i'm known not to post pics of mine being syiok sendiri wo.. i'm a "word" blogger. besides, dont want so many pics of me floating around cyberspace. who knows what might happen to it rite. hehe.