Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Tiring Day

Whoa. Boy am I tired. Been out almost the whole day doing the backdrop.

(yeah, it's abt the backdrop again, what can I say. It's about the only thing I'm working on currently. Shyt, shld study abit, been really lazy! *sigh*)

Anyway, I'm currently suffering from the afflictment called backache. Painful! Been arching over the masterpiece drawing all day, doing cutting, tracing and pasting. Can't believe I spend the whole freaking day just to finish up the hair for one particular character! [I'm not revealing much, am I? haha.] I think we put a tad too much detail for that hair. But nvm lah. It looks nice anyway. =) Satisfied.

*potters around, preparing to go to bed*

Was filling my water bottle when I found out that my eletric kettle was burnt!! Aikz. Must be my hsemates forgot to refill the water eh. Damn scary the smell of burnt metal.. I was pretty scared that the electric kettle was spoiled or what. Not cheap, you know. Lucky it was still functioning, well I hope. *gulps*

But it's definitely not in such perfect condition anymore. The first time I washed it, there were these weird globules of metal, I think floating in the water. Yee... Scary, right? Anyway, will remind them tmr on how important it is to make sure there's always some water in the kettle. Yeap.

(Update: Yeah, I just checked, it's definitely spoiled ade.. Now the water doesn't reboil by itself ade. And my fren told me that it's better to not use it anymore coz the water in there cud be contaminated with the metal. The water does look suspiciously murky too. Sigh. How am I going to talk to my hsemates abt this? Who's gonna pay for this? *arggh*)

Okay, shld sleep now. It's damn late now. Tmr will be another cutting, tracing and pasting day. Blek. Nitey night peeps!

PS: A lonely night. And yeah, it was a misunderstanding from the start. I'm sorry for what I've said but I just wanna be honest. That's all. But thank you for trying your best to clear things up. I love you for that. ^v^


GLO said...

hey...contaminated water? better not to drink it and tell the others la...if not gonna be big prob with health, doc. ;-)

u are definitely talented with drawings, really.

Zzzyun said...

yeap i know. will tell them when i see them lo. who knows what the contaminated water can do to the body. metal poisioning probably...

*mind wanders to turning into mutant, hehe*

and thks for the compliment. well, i wudn't say i'm good, u haven't seen some of my frenz draw, they ARE good. im ok ok only.. =)