Monday, February 05, 2007

Back To Homebase

Am currently in my homebase - penang island! =) Just tot that I'd come back for a few days to heal. Spritually, mentally or physically, whatever.

I dunno abt the first two, but I'm definitely sick physically ade! Came down with a sudden onset of cough, sorethroat, migraine and a mild headache. Really sickening (pun!).. Self-medicated with 2 panadols, and am currently feeling fine enuf to write this post.

Hmm. This is gonna be a super short hols in penang. Will be following Beh back on thurday. Bad thing is I can't really enjoy all the good food that I miss.. (coz sick ma) *stomach rumbles*

Anyway, progress on backdrop is going good. Big thanks to those who came to help now and then. Really appreciate it, since we're short of manpower too. ^o^

Oh ya, must record this down! I managed to draw out the main outline for the 4th character! Which is quite hard too. I can't believe that I cud do it. I alwix tot that I sucked at drawing... I guess if you believe in yourself and try your best, there's nothing that you can't do!

Yeap. Gambate to us for the backdrop! We still have a long way to go, but we can do it! (I hope ppl will like the backdrop oh..) Yayz~

Okla, shld sleep early to rest my tired and sick body liao.. Tataz peeps! *home sweet home*

PS: Recently, my posts don't seem to be that interesting anymore these few days. Dunno why. I guess nothing really interesting to write about, except for rants. Haha. And I know I seemed to be owing a few posts abt certain trips. Procastinating again, are we? Maybe I'll write abt those events when I have the mood lah..

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