Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once Again...'s that time of the year. The time where all the "serious" med students go bonkers and the med school is turned upside down, inside out all in the name of excitement and fun. The spirit of youth I'd say!

Yes, people. It's time again for ORIENTATION~!! Yayz! And this time, my batch - M106 is the Orientating Batch! Double cheers~

They showed us the orientation video [introducing the various posts] on monday in btw classes and I must say, it was uber cool! Really creative and good directing and fliming.. Hontoni! Big applause to Muihow and Aaron for the great job! ^v^ Naomi's acting skills also damn good. Got a wide range of facial expressions eh.. lol.

Anyway, the.. what shall I call them, erm newbies, came in on monday. First day of registration and blah blah blah. Seriously, we're laughing among ourselves, thinking how sesat (lost) we must have looked back then. Btw, this time is a bit different coz both new batches of pharm and medic are coming in the same week. So we'll have a new event which is smtg like a pre-orientation event which is a medic-cum-pharm event so that they can get to know each other. (read: the senior medic guys can get to know the pharm junior girls too =P)

Hmm. They've added a few more events and posts like track event (or some name like tat). I assume its the one where they have to sit the lrt and travel around KL to find clues, I think. Which is like so cool lah! haha. And those not from KL can take the opportunity to get to know the lrt system a bit better. hoho.

Well, these 3 weeks are gonna be tiring and super jam-packed with activities. This week is the week of pre-orientation where seniors' eyes starting roaming for ahem, potential targets (they are s.a.d. = single and desperate, get it? lol) Next week is totally about ragging erm, I mean, orientating the juniors in their new environment. Shall blog abt it in more detail when it happens okay. [you can read my own experiences in various old posts if you wanna dig them up yourself, be my guest] The 3rd week is gonna be martial-art week where we shall have events regarding self-defense awareness. Aikz, I'm involved in almost all activites~! (dunno how I'm gonna teach aikido when my skills are like super lousy! sigh) That week we'll also be having Respi in-course-assessment leh. Aikz.

I guess that's all for now. Shall be super busy these few days so don't expect me to update so often ya. *sigh* Cya guys soon! ^o^

PS: Mini-rant: how am I gonna slot in time for studies and pbls? (exam in less than 3 weeks eh!) Beats me. Arggh. Hope my backdrop stuff can finish up soon. Tmr will be asking batchmates for help. Seriously hope at least a few will turn up. Yeah. [sorry, my cynicisim is coming back]

PPS: Today's aikidio session was quite bad for me. Didn't go for 3 weeks due to unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, was really rusty and you know how famous my short-term memory is. And sensei wasn't really pleased. *sigh*


eve said...

i'm sorry, ziyun. didn't realise that you aren't getting help from your batchmates. i can postpone my stuff if you still need help (anything that doesn't require much creativity)

haven't spoken to you recently ya...

Zzzyun said...

ooo its okay. u didnt know. =)anyway, quite many ppl came to help tat day. so its not tat bad. im touched that they came! ^^

well, it's almost done.. just a few bits and pieces here and there. so i guess not a lot of stuff to do liao.. but i'll welcome you to come and see it lo.. coz it's damn nice!!

yeap, we shld hang out sometime too.. call me out for lunch when u're nearby lah.. ^^