Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Things Abt The Backdrop

Okay, I'm back in KL once again. Actually was back since thursday. But had been too busy and tired out to even think of blogging.

Yeah, I'm not totally recovered from my sickness (but definitely better than a few days ago) and then I've been spending A LOT of time doing the backdrop... I really hope tat we can finish at least 80% of the work before we start class next monday. Coz next week is gonna be really packed. And yes, of coz, I can't afford to slack off for my studies. Coz as you know, apparently the effort I put in for the cvs exam still wasn't yet enough.

But then if I think in a positive way. If I had studied for tat paper in my usual lazy way, I'm pretty sure I'd fail. Yeah. So there you go. Everything in a nutshell.

Anyway, enough abt tat. It's over and done with. -_-

Hmm. Progress over the backdrop is coming a bit slow. Coz at times, we're doing more "arguing" over the best way to do things than really actually doing things. *sigh* We are running out of time so we better buck up oh!

Well, some of the stuff in the backdrop is not coming out as well I want (sorry lah, my horoscope does say I AM a perfectionist sometimes) but I guess sometimes just gotta let minor things go!! Besides, after doing for so long, it does get a bit frustrating and boring sometimes. :T Must try to find back that spark of motivation tat made us produce such pretty artworks all these weeks!

Btw, other ppl have been studying their asses off, preparing for the scary EOS3. [yes yes don't deny it, I saw you ppl...] And what had we been doing all these free time we had? Drawing, cutting and pasting. Yeah. Suddenly feel like studying eh. lol. Sorry lo, sometimes being kiasu gives me motivation to study. Doesn't it, guys?

I guess tat since we volunteered for this job, we must see it thru to the end. We must make it the best backdrop since whenever! Yup! (and finish it as soon as possible, hehe)

Okla, gotta go liao. Will go cook lunch, coz getting hungry. Tata~


Anonymous said...

Zi Yun,Kee,Kee Ping jia you!!
cant help anything but can help buy supper :P

红尘过客 字


KeeLaLa said...

let me this zherlin? hahaha...cos he's the only gay guy who writes in chinese letters!!! Anyway, dear ah, jia you k! =D

Zzzyun said...

anonymous> im guessing you're zherlin.. from the 'supper' hint and writing in chinese! lol..

anyway, thks for the encouragement..

btw, i like this phrase "众人皆醒我独醉"

keelala> thank you dear. =)