Monday, March 19, 2007

The Exam & Its Post-Celebrations

Yup! Finally respi exam is over and done with. *Phew* Next is haemato.. Busy busy life eh?

Hmm. The respi exam was okay, I guess. But definitely could have done better if I'd more time to do a bit more revision. I didn't finish my usual glance-over-and-flip-page sort-of-revision. Which was a pity coz I cudnt rmb what sort of drug was acetylcysteine... And it was a mucolytic. And I did know the mechanism of a mucolytic. Aikz. 2 marks gone even when I know the answer. Blek.

Then I got confused btw which pathway that aspirin blocks! *arggh* And wrote the wrong pathway (I wrote block lipoxygenase pathway, shld be cycloxygense pathway). Shld have tot abt the fact that leukotrienes were the slow-acting substance of anaphylasis ma. Alamak. Don't think the lecturer wud give marks even tho the concept is correct. 3 marks gone again.

And all of this plus some others I definitely cud have answered properly had I had just 1 extra hour to go thru the whole system thru my way of revision. Yeah, I know. I was procastinating the night before, coz I knew that I defintely cud cover all my notes at least once. Which made me lack the oomph to slog on. Blek.

And the 1st ospe question was hard. Histology came out!! Funfun, never say never okay, now you see, histology came out ade, and I dunno what sort of cancer is it! Aikz. Got it wrong. It was squamous cell carcinoma and I wrote adenocarcinoma. Erm, didn't really cover that topic well enuf. Shld have read up abt that more, sigh.

The objective questions were tricky as usual. Same thing applies here, cud have done better if I'd time to go thru it all.. Didn't know tat nasopharyngeal cancer is more prevalent in those of chinese descent.

Paiseh, have been using super medical terminology in my past few paragraphs. Frens who don't understand, just ignore all the BIG BIG words ya. Hehe.


Okay, back to normal talk. After the exam, we went to The Curve to celebrate Lishan or meow's birthday. We had a very late lunch at Sakae Sushi coz we cudn't decide where to eat. I had Chicken Katsu Don, which was really tasty! Loved it! *yumyum* Then, there was the bday cake, Cheese Oreo from Secret Recipe. Nice.

After that we went for a lil window shopping. There was this shop called Cocobeach which sells nice accessories. After a lot of choosing [sorry for making you guys wait, I cudnt make up my mind], finally bought a lovely ring. Really shiny, bling alert! haha. But the time to shop was too short lah. I like to pamper myself a lil after so much slogging. hehe.

Here's the ring I bought. Nice, right? ^v^ *bling bling*

Then, it was time to go home. Coz the guys have a 3 day long aikido seminar to attend. Erm, I didn't go becoz I was lazy. hehe.

Went for a swim alone that evening. Sometimes it's nice to go by myself, as I can just swim with my own thoughts. Serenity. Was a nice almost-full 1 hour workout. Will go more often in the future! hoho.

Oh ya, can you believe this? I cooked dinner for Suewen and Leong~! =) Okay, Suewen helped too. (scared tat afterwards she scold me for not crediting her for stirring the sauce, lol) And managed to get both of them to help with the chopping and slicing of some of the ingredients. haha. Finally get to see Leong do hsework. :P

Oops, forgot to mention what we cooked. I cooked my own recipe of spaghetti~! Was quite nice since we put in lots of ingredients esp vege! ^v^ Healthy leh.. [Aiya, forgot to take a pic. Nvm, next time lah.] Since self-praise is no praise, well at least both of them say PASS! hehe.

Since the night was still young, we went to Suewen's hse later. I played O2jam using her comp, damn fun. So long didn't play ade! Leong was considered really good as it was his 1st time trying out the game.

I'm addicted to O2jam! It's super fun!

After that, they forced me to play mahjong since they needed at least 3 kakis. But I was unusually reluctant as my eyes were tired and was a bit addicted to o2jam ade. lol. But relented in the end. :P Luckily the other guys came back soon and took my place. I went back around 2am coz the connection wasn't working so cudn't play ade and I was kinda tired out. What to do, old ade ma, haha. Can you believe that the rest of the gang played till 8am in the morning? Omg!!


On to saturday. The gang had lunch at Kopitiam, one of my fav food outlets around in Sri Petaling. The food served was tasty but not too expensive. Had a really filling lunch... Then it was time for the guys to go to the seminar again. I went back home and cleaned up my room and toilet throughly. Yayz!

Then, spend the rest of the whole afternoon making new backdrops. (a blog post showing my recent creations will be up soon! stay tuned!) Super long didn't make all this stuff ade lo.. hoho. Around late evening, the guys were back so we went to endah parade for dinner. I had the cheese-baked rice at ayamas. Wasn't really nice, I think their normal sets are better. After dinner, we went grocery shopping at carrefour.

After that, we made a sudden decision to go watch midnight movie at sunway. Bridge of Terabithia was our choice, but alas, when we reached, it was sold out. Settled for Ghostrider in the end, altho reviews of it weren't good. And yes, it was true. The movie sucks. Totally. The storyline was mostly lame most of the time. Only the graphics were passable. But seriously, the director cud have done a better job, coz the movie did have potential.


Lastly was Sunday. Woke up quite late. Went out paktoh-ing with the bf... super long didn't go out with him ade. haha. We went to Sunway to have lunch then catch a movie. Had lunch at one of my fav places again, Kim Gary!! I had my fav cheese-baked riced with fish fillet set! (yesh, again, haha) While my dear had his fav nissin noddles. The food here is really really nice!! Hontoni!

Poster for said movie. Quite mysterious looking.

After a really filling lunch, we went to watch Bridge of Terabithia. It was not bad. More storyline driven than relying on graphics. Coz it was so-so only in the latter department. The girl playing Leslie is cute! She's really pretty, looked like a younger and meatier version of Keira Knightly, nice! And the younger girl was kawaii too... not bad. Unfortunately, the main character playing the guy, Jess was a bit "kayu" at acting. Anyway, this movie is worth watching over Ghostrider as the storyline is not bad, and there are a few emotional scenes. So get ready your tissues, girls! haha.

Isn't she pretty? And the dog is cute too...

After that, it was time to go home. Went for dinner with the gang again, at this hawker store in Sri Petaling. The chinese ramen there is really nice. Pity my stomach wasn't feeling well, probably had been too greedy. haha. Spend the rest of the night ironing my moutainous pile of clothes while waiting for Death Note 1 to stream on my comp. It's a really cool movie! Totally loved the mystery part of it! Suspense! haha.

Kira is so cool! But went power crazy in the end. L is totally creepy! Looked like a vampire!


Wow, you managed to read this long long post till the very end. I'm impressed. Kudos for making it this far. lol. Okla, I think that's all for now. Watch out for more updates in the near future!

Haematology is here! o.O As always, keep the fire burning brightly inside, girl~! ^v^ Gambate!


k0k s3n w4i said...

Talk about a full weekend, haha...

AnnaSophia Robb (Leslie) was a real cute girl. Can't wait for her to grow up, LoL

Zzzyun said...

haha the weekend def was really fun!! ^^ but its back to studying life once again for us... altho can relax a bit i guess..

yeah, she's really cute. i think she'll be prettier than keira knightly then. hehe.

AiLing said...

lucky you!
I still have about 1-2 more weeks to go before temporary freedom....

Zzzyun said...

haha.. life's like tat...

been slogging the past week too. hehe. and still hvta continue. haemato!

good luck 4 ur assessment btw! =)