Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Optical Illusion

This post is just to allievate my sien-ness while studying.

(cue to scream: I'm soooo dead for this coming respi exam!)

Erm, don't bother abt the other crazy me. I tend to go bonkers near exams, blek. Anyway, below are some pics which I found while reading my email. Take a closer look at them.

Wow. The opposite reflection of Teach is Learn. Well, there must be someone to learn when another teaches. Or else there's no point, isn't it? Figures.

So what do you see in this pic then? I'm pretty sure you're able to spot the word Me. But look closely again, inside the word me is You. Interesting, isn't it?

Okay, you saw the word Optical. See anything else? This one is harder. Yes, the background shows the word Illusion. Really an "optical illusion", huh?

This one is my fav. On first look, you probably spotted only the word Good in black. But if you looked again, the word Evil is inside it. Figures that Good and Evil are opposites sides of the coin.

Fine fine, you might think this post is lame (i secretly think so too, blek). But I'm really sien, that's all. And the fact that my unique hits are at days still below 20 unique hits [there goes my money for adverts, sigh!] so probably need a new post to keep up the fight! Haik~!

*crosses fingers for exam and money from adverts! haha*

PS: Psst! I've added a little smtg to my sidebar. It's titled Your Choice. And the choice is between praising me or dissing me. Don't understand? Click and you will know. (have i aroused your curiosity enough?) Honesty is much appreciated. Thks! ^o^

PPS: Am proud of myself. Coz I managed to refrain from saying smtg mean yesterday altho he totally deserved it. I must not interfere with others' matters so much, altho my only intention is to defend my fren.

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