Friday, March 02, 2007

Just Thanks

Having PBL later so this will be a short post.

Just wanna say a big THANKS to those who came to help for the backdrop on wednesday!! (following the plea for help by our lovely batch rep, Kajen)

At least 20 ppl came, I think. So the work which would originally take us maybe 2 whole days to do was done in only 2 hours!! Really great~! We managed to finish the work for the whole wording in that short period of 2 hours... Really geng, the power of unity! ^v^

Hmm. So now there's only some work left on adding the glitter part and the phoenix. It looks really chun after we added the glitter! Nice! So we definitely can finish in time. Just hope to finish it asap so that we'll have some time to get our studies in order.

Okay lah. That's all for now. I'll definitely post up pics of it when we hang it up next thursday. Cya guys! =)

PS: and special thks to Swarna who drove out to help buy aluminium foil and double-sided tape.

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