Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prevail I Will

As the feelings of anger die away, they were slowly replaced by feelings of gratefulness. That it wasn't worse. It is a bad situation, but defintely cud have been worse.

Just read a post on a fren's blog. Now, that's what I call bad. Cheated by someone you loved.

Anyway, I'm going to put this behind me. Although it isn't resolved yet, I'll try not to let these petty things affect me. I must prevail. I will prevail. yeah.

Oh, btw, I'm glad that I've so many frens that are indignant on my behalf. That alone is worth every ounce of anger I felt. =)

When life throws you a lemon, might as well make some iced-lemonade, yeah? ^v^

Right. The crazy life of a medical student goes on. Time to hit those books! Lots of stuff to do...

Difficult PBLs, complicated CSUs, hard topic for AIR, practice for OSCE etc. The list is loooong. Gotta get to work! Ciaoz, peeps!

PS: Oh ya. This site is absolutely marvellous. They stream so many cool shows! Definitely a must try! I'm currently watching Heroes Episode 2. Yayz~!

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