Thursday, March 22, 2007

A General State of Things

Well, haemato has been okay so far.. I like Dr. Ammu's lectures coz she's very organized.

Dunno why, feel tat haemato is the 1st system that I can really sit down and take a breather. And relax a bit. And study a bit more consistently. Coz for the past 2 systems (cvs and respi), have been really busy with extra-curricular activities, so much so tat I've reverted then to my old and bad habit of studying at the last minute. yeah.

Anyway, was just back from csu 1. Was not bad. But not really sure how do enlarged lymph nodes feel like, so kinda dunno what I am feeling for! lol.

Oh ya, reminder to self: Mock OSCE in 3 weeks' time! Damn scared... coz I'm really not prepared for it. My physical exam skills are not really good. Must practice more... anyone willing to volunteer to be my SP? haha.

Okla, gotta go now. Have PBL tmr and I haven't start preparing. (Is the patient suffering from megaloblastic anaemia??) Will find out soon after some reading up.

Right. I'm signing off. Not so free to update so often these days. *sigh*

See the new thingy at my sidebar titled "Your Choice"? Pls be nice and click on those links! Honesty is good! Btw, whoever who was the 1st one to choose the adjectives really knows me well. Thks!

PPS: Hmm. Am still trying to keep to my resolution of being kinder. (good progress, but still slip up occasionally tho) And not meddling in others' affairs too. It might not be appreciated. Besides, let them settle their own problems, right? yup.

PPPS: Oh ya, went to E-box karaoke in endah parade on tuesday night. Was fun... but a bit rusty coz so long didn't sing ade. And the service isn't tat good now, wonder why. And still wondering if I shld take part in the singing comp in May. Wondering if I'm good enuf. Don't really want rotten eggs thrown at me eh. haha.

PPPPS: Did you notice tat the funny names for my comments suit the system that I'm doing currently? eg. For cvs, it was x little hearts. For respi, it was x puffs of breaths. For haemato, I have chosen x red blood cells. I wonder what I'll put when it comes to repro. LOL!


AiLing said...

x little ovums....just a suggestion. ;)

k0k s3n w4i said...

x mind-blowing orgasms?

I felt enlarged lymph nodes before! But on really, really long dead fellows, so I bet they're harder.

Like tough rubber balls.

Zzzyun said...

ailing> lol. that's really.. direct... why not sperms? :P

k0k> ah.. orgasms ah. not a bad name. will think abt it. got a lot of time b4 repro anyway. hehe.

wahliao. so hard meh.. i wonder how they feel like on living ppl. hmm.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Oh dear, my bad! I meant that the dead guy's lymph nodes are hard like rubber ball.

living ones should be softer.

Zzzyun said...

oh i understood what u meant. haha..

of coz living ones shld be softer.. but still wonder how they feel like.. the enlarged ones..