Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bottle Of Love

While I wait for my illness to bore itself out (apparently it's not bored yet, can you believe it? I'm already bored to tears), here's a short post.

Been meaning to post this up ages ago but I decided to clear the dust out of the older posts first. But no fear, it is finally here.

Here's the gift that Pui Fun and Sue Wen gave me for my 21st birthday! They passed it to me during the gathering in Seremban.

isn't it so lovely and thoughtful?

it's a bottle of messages by all my friends :D

I'm only supposed to read the messages when I'm in aussieland

and the quota is one message a day

Haha, don't worry, considering my curious nature, so far I've been successful in restraining myself from opening it :P

Thank you so much for the gift! ^v^ I love it!

I'll definitely still be able to feel the love of my friends even though I'm far away from all of you.

May our friendship be like wine - the older it gets, the better it is! :)


Lin said... thoughtful of them! =)
all the best to u! ;)

Zzzyun said...

yeap it's really sucha thoughtful gift! ^^

thanks! :)

ps: oh ya, just wondering, how did u come by my blog btw?

lynnx01 said...

I think it's a really creative way of appreciating a friend. I am sure you would be having a good dose of message/word of wisdom and encouragement everyday!

ps. you're younger than me!! Now I feel old lah.. ahha

Zzzyun said...

yeah, it's so thoughtful. this way, i wont feel lonely even tho im far away from them. i cant help wondering what my frenz wrote for me lo haha! ^^

ps: haha nonid feel old lah. at least u are lucky enough to get jpa scholarship rite? :)

debbi said...

That's a really nice gift! :) Will keep that in mind just in case i run out of ideas for bday gifts. Haha.

Zzzyun said...

haha it's certainly a good idea. but best if the messages are contributed by many frenz lo. that wud the best! ^^

lynnx01 said...

more than grateful :D