Thursday, December 18, 2008

IMU Ball: A Sensational Symphony

Yet again this is old news but I am slowly churning out the drafts fermenting in my blogger dashboard haha.

Yup just some ramdom pics from the IMU Ball!! Already photoshopped them so it'd be a pity to let them go to waste right? hehe.

Kee Ping, Alicia, Kee and I were in charge of general decor and backdrop.

So this is what we did for each table.

cute yet romantic at the same time right!

the 3 balloon blobs are balloons filled with water then twisted into that apple shape.

we put glitter and a floating transparency with the words Imu Ball: A Sensational Symphony (hoho painstakingly written by me :P) into those balloons!

dont you love how the light from the candle illuminate the balloons!

I only have pics from here and there coz I don't have a camera la yeah. Cant wait to get one of my own.

This is the corsage my dear dear got for me. <3

It's so sweet of him but 3 roses bundled together to place on my wrist is a bit too bulky la haha.

And omg I love my hair! Li Shan, that hairdresser's curling power is too geng ade!

the curls super duper nice right?

come on admit it! :P

I wonder if I should get a permanent curl or just buy a curler to do it myself, oh well probably no time to "pan leng" also la hmm =(

Anyway, here's the extra body art they did for each of us.

on the side of my right calf, nice ka?

I should have asked for one on my shoulder instead - more striking that way

Well I certainly had a nice time at the ball, but I think the ballroom was too packed and everything was a bit disorganized. Too much photo-taking when people shld be sitting down to a nice dinner together. =/ And I wished the dance floor was larger too, didn't get to dance at all sigh.

But on the overall, it was a wonderful night. Thank you to those who made it possible. :) Especially to De Jun, Ball president! Congrats on a great job done!

To end this post, here's the IMU Ball Video that made many of us almost teared.. T_T haha maybe they wanted to sabo the girls' makeup kua :P

Sry for the blurry quality - but it is a great video, especially the front part, very touching.

it is difficult to say goodbye to all the lovely memories

I noticed I am in quite a lot of the pics wo! haha

Anyway, thank you for all the great memories, my friends. :) I am going to miss all of you.


Peiying said...

The first half of the video is wonderful! =)

Zzzyun said...

yes it certainly is very touching1 coz it's so true right? tats what made us emo T_T