Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008

And finally it is that time of reflection again.

What is it about the coming new year that always make us want to look back and be nostalgic for the days that have gone by?

For me, the greater first half of 2008 was an awesome year. It was my last semester in IMU and I wanted to make it count. And despite the difficulties we were made to endure for sem5 and eos5, I'm glad to say - I cherished every single day spent with my friends. :)

We ploughed thru MSK and CNS with dogged determination. Do you still remember that funny phrase by a lecturer? Tom, Dick and Harry! haha.. the other more obscene one I shall leave it for you to remember yourself :P

Do you remember the endless days we spent at the library mugging for the huge exam? Forcefully swallowing those lecture notes. Those days were hard but I think beneath the boredom and frustration, we were happy. really. We cracked lame jokes, talked crap and played silly pranks on each other. (I think we're just trying to stop ourselves from losing our minds :P) But we were just happy to be together.

There were many other good times too, too many to reenumerate here. Memories that suddenly appear in one's mind during those idle moments before sleep comes.

After the exam, we went to many places and we did some crazy things - memories that will last me my entire lifetime. :)

Being the noob I was, apparently I couldn't hold my liquor. I guess I must train up a bit or else I will have a hard time socializing in aussie? But then I wanna have a normal liver wo.. o.O

Then there was the post-exam Redang trip, which I think must be one of the best trips of all the trips we undertook in the past few years. We just concentrated on having fun fun fun!! ^^

The later part of 2008 wasn't too bad either but most of the time I was on break. There were a few unhappy incidences but they were inevitable so yeah. just gotta put it behind me. The best time was the month I spent in Seremban. It was tiring no doubt, but I just felt happy to see my friends and of coz, my dear dear once again. :)

Hey I notice my memory is better when it comes to things that count!

And now, slowly but surely, it is nearing the end of 2008. And with the start of 2009, it will be the dawn of a new chapter in my life.

Starting all over again at a place called Perth. To make new friends and adapt to life in a foreign country and not to forget, adapt to the hectic lifestyle in clinicals. I guess I can safely say I'm one step nearer to graduation.

Inside, I am but a jumble of nerves - of excitement and nervousness. But yes, come what may - I will welcome what 2009 holds for me with open arms.

My wish is that everyone will find happiness no matter where they are and what they are doing. :) Hence, Happy New Year!


Titus Tang said...

Happy New Year !

At work :p

Zzzyun said...

happy new year to you too :)

ps: wah reading blogs at work ah! later ur boss know then charm lo keke

k33LaLa said...

happy new year first dear!
yea gonna miss u! Love u lots ya! =X

Zzzyun said...

happy new year to you too dear! :)

im gonna miss you too... will be flying off in a few weeks' time..

<3 you! xoxo

Kryptos said...

happy moo moo year to you too!
i'm sure you'll do fine in perth. all the best! :)

Zzzyun said...

happy new year! :)

thanks! i hope i'll be able to settle down and adapt well to life in perth..