Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thirty Three Days

So yeap, there you have it, the countdown has finally begun. But actually I'm quite looking forward to it!

33 days before I fly off to a foreign land, with only 1 friend in tow. (We're going to paint the town red, right Debbi? ^^)

Wait, tat sounded pretty familiar, I think I said something like that before!

Looking back, I realised that I'd changed a lot from the young girl that was eager to start her medical studies 3 years ago.

Ah how naive I was then! There were so many things I had not seen before, so many types of people I have never met before! I was still like a pupa in my little cocoon, waiting to become a butterfly so that I can explore beyond the leaves I spent my childhood munching on.

Okayyy, that analogy sounds a bit weird.. haha.

I still remember the day when my dad left me at vista on my own, and I hardly knew anybody there. I was left to my own devices for a few days before orientation started. Those days were spent drifting aimlessly, and eating at FoodAve for a few lonesome meals.

Then I got to know a few people from orientation esp frm my group (Ballbusters! :P) but things aren't always that easy.

I made it my goal to get to know more people during sem 1, but I think if truth were to be told, I only felt like I had a place to belong to during sem 2. Through coincidence, fate or whatever you call it, I'd found my close clique of friends. :) Friends that really matter.

And now the cycle starts again. How many times have we gone through this uncertainty? Primary sch, high sch, college, uni and... now?

I realised that this twinning program is a cruel way of yanking friends away from each other and then forcing one to start over again from scratch.

Of coz I know that the twinning program is a good one, letting some of us seek different opportunities abroad. I guess I should be excited and all - to study in a foreign land (and I AM excited!) - it's just that saying goodbye to friends that have proven themselves true is never easy.

Yes there's always the saying tat true friends will not be affected by distance and time. True of coz, but there are times you wish they were there physically with you - to experiences the same things as you do, to hold your hand when you're down, to lend you a ear to listen to your woes and that you may do the same for them.

But as I'd always given this advice to others: "look at the bright side of things", so today I'll take my own advice.

*raised eyebrow but starts self-psychotherapy anyway*

I'm going to start on another amazing journey - new places to explore, new sights to see, new people to meet, new things to learn! - so I am gonna enjoy it in all its entirety. Work hard, play hard!!

There might be times where there will be obstacles (I think I can imagine like a few hundred possibilities after my experiences in vista) but hey, what is life if not made up of ups and downs eh?

Okie gogogo!


Titus Tang said...

33 days... means not staying for CNY d la?

Lucky you going to Aus when exchange rate so low!

Zzzyun said...

yaloh i'm going 1 week b4 CNY starts! and my class will start during CNY =/

but it's okla, i dont mind hehe.. just will miss out on the angpows tho!

and yeap, its great that i'm just starting when the AUD is low! i hope it'll go down more...

pei said...

Well, if you didn't opt to study med, you wudn;t have met the great friends you are having. :>

And if you wudn;t have twinned, you will not meet your future good friends. :>

it's different i know, things might turn out the other way too. but keep positive yea.

I'm telling myself the same thing too. :P

All the best in Aussieland yea.

Zzzyun said...

haha yeap i know what u mean.

but just as u said, things might turn out the other way, but hope not la. *cross fingers*

must self-psychotherapy to give myself optimism ma haha. as i write this post, i feel more optimistic :P

anyway all the best to u in adelaide as well! ^^