Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Check out this site for some quick revision of ECG! It's pretty useful I think.

yalah, I felt regretful when I realised I couldn't interpret properly the ECG spotter question given by Darren in this post. =(

Looks like I better brush up the areas which I'm weak in soon! Must motivate myself to STUDY!! even though it's holidays!


And yeah, I just found out the my laptop won't be arriving tomorrow. Why? Because the people at the shop just called me saying that they can't courier the laptop to my house if I didn't pay it in full.

They definitely said the opposite when I paid the deposit on saturday. Now the lady tells me that was because the person who told me that it could be done was a part-timer.

Okay fine, but then why must the full-timers wait till so many days before contacting me? Then I could have just bank in the money earlier ma...

The thing better arrive in the best condition...!!


Went to the Education Fair today with my cousin and our dads. Just thought will drop by for fun, and to see the opportunities available. And I notice that there were many booths there that offer medicine.

And I wonder to myself.. why do so many people want to do medicine? Why do I even want to do medicine?



Of coz I was just kidding. -_- hahaha..

That's my answer for those that think the normal altruistic answer of "I want to help people" is just not good enough for them when they ask the inevitable question of "why do you want to be a doctor?"

So there.

PS: Just thought I'll whip up a quick rambly post for once! I realised some of my recent ones are a tad too structured for effect. *blink blink*


Harry MacDowel said...

haha totally agree wif ur last line: to help people is just not good enough as a reason.

glad to know that you are doing medicine because you yourself want to do it. i wish you the best. ^^

Zzzyun said...

hey i think u've misunderstood my stand on this matter.

actually what i mean is that i think "wanting to help ppl" should be a good enough reason for them.

of coz, everything is always influenced by multiple factors - for eg, ppl want to become drs for the financial stability, the challenge, the glamour (far from it, in real life!) etc. but why does "altruism" cant be one of them?

is the world so cynical that they wont accept a reason like that anymore?