Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Gathering

Finally it is time to blog abt the gathering! Yeah this post is backdated by a few weeks, but better late than never right! haha.

On friday night, we went to meet those arriving from other states and we had dinner in this posh place called Kensington. To celebrate Jane and David Lee's birthday too. :) The atmosphere there was rather romantic and the food delicious! My carbonara-sort of pasta was yummy but it was too cheesy that I couldn't finish it in the end.

That night, we went back and some of us (namely the girls, Kee and me of coz!) started work on our Fudge Brownie. Coz it needs sometime to be chilled in the fridge first. I shall post up the recipe later up in this post k? By the time we finished, it was quite late ade. Half dead. x_x


The next day, we rose early and Khee Chun brought us to this famous curry mee place in Seremban. It was some distance away but it was worth it. Word has it that this place is often packed with visitors so we're lucky that we arrived and ordered just b4 a throng of ppl appeared out of nowhere. haha.

Anyway, the difference btw this curry mee and others is that the gravy/soup is really genuine curry! And they are very generous with their servings too! For me, the best part was their "tau pok" (those spongy bits floating in the soup) coz when you put it in your mouth, it has this fragrant buttery taste and when you bite, all the soup accumulated inside fills your mouth.

I'm salivating just thinking abt it. Hey maybe I have a talent in food reviews after all! Didn't that sounded absolutely yummy? :P

After that, we went to have one of the last karaoke sessions in Greenbox! We started around 11 and finished around 3. It was fun, but seemed to be missing a few of the usual singing kakis! sigh.

Anyway by that time, us girls and Eugene who offered to help were pretty rushed for time coz we still needed to cook so much stuff for the dinner party that night! The rest of the afternoon was spent solely on cooking and catching up!

We had so much fun mashing potatoes, mixing pasta, frying nuggets (alamak had to experiment summore rmb? non-stick wok very hard to use), didnt we? :) The whole process took longer than we expected so we arrived abt half an hour late. But no matter la, due to msian time, some of the guests just arrived in time.

The only two cameras available died pretty early so only got 2 photos of the food. Forgot to take pics of the pasta!! Nvm, I shall make it again next time then show you guys okay? ^^

So this is the mashed potato, following Pui Fun's bro's recipe.

took pretty long to make but turned out very smooth, buttery and yummy!

would be nicer if we're able to make gravy though

Don't have pics of the pasta nevermind, I shall describe it to you. Li Yann and I copied it from the one of the pastas we tasted in Italinianies once hehe. Pretty successful imitation, I must say!

Just imagine pasta mixed with thinly slices pieces of apple, sprinkle in some sweet raisins and with a dressing of mayonaise and served chilled. When you eat the pasta, the perfect cold sweet taste of the apple and raisins lingers on your tongue and blends with the mild saltiness of the dressing. The result? Yummy-licious!

See? Told you I'm good at describing food eating haha! Anyone want me to review their restaurant? *wink wink*

Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my cooking skills more when I get to aussie. :)

Before I digress more, the other foods available were nuggets (fried by us), kfc bucket, cordial drinks and vanila ice cream (contributed by the guys who didnt cook haha). Sounds delicious, right?

And now time to announce one of the main stars of the night!

*Tada* The lovely Fudge Brownie!

our sinfully sweet dessert

Taste especially good with vanila ice cream :)

I can sense this post is getting a bit too long so the recipe shall be in another post k? sorry! This picture I included as a teaser first k? hehe.

Okay enough abt how yummy the food is. we know. :P

Despite that not-so-little-hitch, I am still glad that some of my close friends were able to gather under one roof that night, enjoy dinner and talk together. (Though I must say, the topic of conversation has much to be desired for a party of coz)

I realised my previous notion of reliving the success of the previous surprise dinner party was naive. The people are slightly different. The activities are different. The feel is different. Even the time is different - 2 years later.

I think all I can do is hold close to my heart the memories of that night of fun and laughter. :) Of coz, who wudnt laugh when you remember the image of the 2 guys playing matrix ping pong? hehehe..

So.. the dinner party passed just like that. After months of planning. I guess age is catching up on us, coz we didn't stay up to play mahjong or chat the night away. Well we had been up and running since morning anyway.


On sunday morning, Khee Chun brought us to this nice dim sum place. Lemme tell you, the dim sum is CHEAP!! The place was air-conditioned and we ate till our hearts' content (which is saying something as there were quite a lot of hungry guys in our group!) and each of us paid less than rm10! cool.

I like dim sum with yam.. oops too random ade. haha.

So after that very fulfilling brunch, I went back with the girls for some last catching up. Before Li Yann and Pui Fun goes back to KL. And Eugene then went back a few days later.

And thus that concludes our gathering. Hope there will be many more to come in the future! And hopefully more ppl will turn up please!!

Dinner Gang RAWRS!

(Btw can we find a better name please?)


jane said...

THe mashed potato looks very familiar ^^ I saw it in my fridge :)

Zzzyun said...

haha i bet the pasta was rather familiar either... we cooked too much!

so did u try the foods? how were they?