Wednesday, December 03, 2008

V-Day Gifts

Okay this post is like SUPER backdated (I mean it was during february this year ah!), but I was waiting patiently for the last photo ma.

Anyway, as I continue slowly photoshopping other photos and writing posts I long ago promised, here's a post featuring the V-Day gifts the bf and I gave each other! XD

So this is how he presented his gift to me!

sucha nice box, filled with hearts! <3

Guess what was in the box?? It's this!!

omg the lil octopus is just too cute for words! haha..

and you know what, you can use it to record a message!

press the red star to record, and the blue star for playback

Thank you, dear! =)


Here's my prezzie to him.

what's in the envelope? *suspense suspense*

do you like how I decorated it? :)

Here's the back part.

okay nothing much, just to show off~ :P

Tada! Get ready and check out the gift!

yup it was a handmade puzzle, forgot to take pics when they were still in pieces

and I had so much fun watching him slowly piece them together!

To form the lovely picture below!

nice ah nice ah???

*jumps up and down*

I drew it from scratch leh!! and I coloured it using colours pencils! then cut it into puzzle bits hehe.

As you probably can guess, the picture signifies something that I hope will come true in the future. ^v^

And yah, here's the last picture!

I was waiting for him to get it framed!

Nice right? Can hang at home as a decoration ade leh..

haha maybe I have a talent in this :P

Okla, that's all for now. Thanks dear dear, for your gift and I hope you like yours as well. :)

And guys, maybe from this post, you can get more ideas on what to give to your other half for Valentine's day!

PS: If you are so kaypoh interested, here's how we celebrated V-Day this year.

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