Monday, December 15, 2008

The Road Not Taken

I rarely blog about this stuff, often preferring instead to keep it away from prying eyes, and store it in a safe corner of my heart, for me to examine at leisure, for me to relive it in my head alone.

But recent events have given me a glimpse of the other fork in the crossroads. Of where it might lead if one is not careful. Trying hard to peer at what lead down the road not taken, so that there will be no misstep that might result in one ending up there.

There are just too many factors to examine, to analyse, too many questions to ask. And there are some variables that are just too intangible. A fluke maybe?

Are some things fated from the start? Or can we mere human beings do something to change the outcome?

I've always believed in that "we can't change the cards we are dealt with, but we can change how we play our hand."

The cards that we are dealt with are not easy ones - there are many distractions, many temptations, many instances where patience is sorely tested.

But the core is strong yes, so I will still continue to have faith in us. :)

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