Friday, August 03, 2007


Really?? *sarcastic tone* but funny nevertheless.

PS: Btw, check this article out. It's a real true life story abt a cat in a nursing home that is able to predict the death of any of the third floor residents and will preside over that person's impending deathbed to provide the last comfort, especially to those - if not for her - would have died alone. A touching story.

PPS: This post is an intermission becoz somehow I still don't feel like blogging abt the trip. And I haven't gotten any photos! Ppl, where art thou? lol.

PPPS: Do you have to be so cruel to ruin the dream for me? I know you meant well, behind all the harsh words and scoldings. You are just looking out for me, right? But somehow, it seemed to have waken me up from a dream that I'd gladly still be in. Now all is left is a bad feeling in me. That something bad is about to happen. I don't want the cynicism I used to have. Can you please take it back?


AiLing said...

I read the article about the cat in the newspaper!!

Zzzyun said...

oh u did? i only knew abt it while surfing the net and stumbling upon this article.

dont u think it's quite cool that this cat can predict death? omg!

Just Eluent~! said...

hey, i read abt the cute kuching too. so wondrous right?

when the doctors thought it has finally lost its streak, tak sangka that the it was beczuse the doctors were a few hours early...

kitty so cute >.<

so sweet!

Zzzyun said...

shan> yeah i cant believe got sucha cat too!

cute? erm thats a weird word to describe a cat that can predict death rite? kinda morbid, dont u think?

but its really a good cat. doing sucha service.