Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some Visual Entertainment (Updated)

Nooo, I don't have enuf photos of the trip yet!! And stupid msn, always there is some error during transfer of photos. bah.

So to break the silence, I'll write a rambly post first. bleuh~

Movies that I watched in my hols:

  1. 200 Pounds of Beauty - my first Korean movie, paiseh the last time I watched a Korean drama, I fell asleep. It was too slow going for me. I'm glad to see that the pace has picked up! Anyway, I really like this movie! Interesting & intriguing. And Kim Ah Jung is so pretty~ Smtg wrong with me, interested in girls huh. But then the guys look so-so only in the movie. *shrug* click here to know more but careful, there are spoilers ya.

  2. The Simpsons Movie - Jokes that are crude but funny. But some touched upon issues that are normally serious. Not a bad choice of movie, even better if you watch it with frenz. Laughter is abundant~ lol. click here!

Anime that I watched in my hols:

  1. Cooking Master Boy - recommended by Liyann and I fell in love with it. What is it abt cool cooking shows eh? Ichiban! To know more, click here (wikepedia has everything these days). Only grudge is tat it's dubbed in cantonese/mandarin which kinda sounds weird at first. Prefers it to be in original japanese. But one gets used to it soon. *hands itchy, feel like cooking*

  2. Uninhabited Planet Survive - Nice science fiction plus it's in the future! Gotta love that. And a very clean cut anime for once. Although I'd like it if there was more element of love in it. The teens are too platonic to be real. hehe. once again, click here for more info.

  3. Naruto Shippuuden - (sorry I missed out on it previously) I used to be crazy over Naruto. I remember I starting behind others, I started from episode 1 when ppl were already over 100. but now I'm up to date. However it's getting to be kinda droll to wait at least a week for an episode. gah. And it's getting slightly sloppy on those action-packed scenes! turn up the heat pls! But not bad lah, if it's your first time watching it. Those ninjas moves are pretty cool! more info here.

Lots of anime and other type of movies, dramas can be found for free streaming at Take your pick! I absolutely lurve it. It's my main form of entertainment when I was studying and even in my hols. hehe.

So far that is my list. Doesn't look much eh. I really need to do smtg abt being sucha lazy bum these hols. aikz.

Study?! Nah, that doesn't look appetizing. at all.

Right, signing off now. And off to hound ppl for more photos! hoho.

and why oh why don't you guys comment more? I have a lot of traffic everyday, but comments are like so few. Do smtg to amuse me puh-lease..

Can you tell I'm bored? yesh, I am. very. -_-

Nah, put up a music video of the song Beautiful Girl in 200 Pounds of Beauty. I likey the song! And Tzenz keep exclaiming that she's hot. I can't say I don't agree. :P

And don't say I didn't entertain you. Watch the video till the end. hehe.

And was just digging thru my old posts when I found this. Definitely DO check it out coz there are many very funny flash videos in it. Was laughing my head off when I rewatched those videos. lol.


k33LaLa said...

"Spider Pig, Spider Pig
Does whatever a Spider Pig Does
Can he swing, from a web, no he can’t, he’s a pig
Look out, he is a Spider Pig!"

The pig rocks!

AiLing said...

Ooh... the kittens are cute and adorable!! I love kittens =)

And yes, I understand what u mean by your blog having lots of traffic everyday, but only a few commentors. Because my blog is experiencing the same thing, heh.

It's like ppl are afraid to comment, like we're gonna devour them or something. Lol! :p

Zzzyun said...
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Zzzyun said...

kee> riiiight. anyway that song is stupidly funny. haha. i cant help laughing at it. i wonder why i cant open the file of the song tat u sent to me... hmm.

ailing> yeah those kitten ads are so cute! and its all for charity! =) i dont think its tat we're scary (i hope), it's just tat they are lazy to comment lah. they just prefer to read lo. i read lots of blogs, but i dont comment on some at all. heh.

btw, what's ur average unique hits everyday? mine is around 30-40 these days. huhu