Monday, August 27, 2007

Love. Goodness. Hope.

You know how sometimes in movies or anime, people are shown to be able to do so much more than they even could dream off?

Like how the mother who suddenly gained super strength and was able to lift the car so that her daughter who was trapped underneath was able to escape?

Like the average person (he could be anyone of us) who in times of danger turn into a hero and decided to start a mutiny against the hijackers to prevent them from crashing into a building causing more lives to be lost? They choose to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Like the firefighters who didn't care for their own danger and choose to go into perilous situations to rescue others? They have families too. But in times like these, they are heroes.

Sometimes, don't you admire their courage? But taking away that moment, they are as normal as anyone of us.

Which means we are capable of what they are able to do.

The human soul is great in that - as long as it believes firmly in something - the body will be able to do it.

Is it love that makes us capable of all that? Or goodness of heart in humans after all?

What is it that pushes us to greater limits?

There might be much darkness in this world, but there is as much goodness as well.

As long as we live, all hope is not lost. As long as we hope, we will live.

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