Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Polyvore (Part IV) - Fuyoh!

Finally, I'm ready to unveil my part IV creations from polyvore!

Are you ready?

Let's cut to the chase and CHARGE!! =)

Kiss Underneath the Fireworks

Romantic-nya! Enuf said.

Roses with Love

I think this is exquisitely beautiful. And romantic! Gotta lurve those rose petals.

Lonely Night

What's the use of luxuries if one is alone?

Vase of Vanities

One of my more creative ones. I like this!

Letters of Hope

Beauty in A Cup

One of my favourites now! You can't help admiring the intricate patterns right?

Dress Frenzy

This is really my best creation to date! Used lots of creativity to make this!

Erm as usual. Comments pretty please? Thanks! =)


fun fun ^_^ said...

Hey I like the last 2 pieces!! Very nice use of flowers and tree twigs (whatever you call them)!!

If only the shape of the artwork is rectangular instead of square... I can't use them for my comp desktop wallpaper... It'll be stretched...

michelleg said...

yup the last 2 are the best!!!

Zzzyun said...

funfun> thks!! some of them are flowers, some are just patterns. haha im honoured tat u'd like to used them for ur desktop wallpaper. pity it's square hor? but then u can alwix put 1 in the center, simple and nice! =)

michelleg> haha thks! why everybody likes the last 2 best hor.. hehe