Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Trip Was A Blast - Part 1

I think I shld start blogging abt the trip now. Can't keep procastinating!

Okie, since I'm a very "chiong hei" person. I'll take my time giving a blow-by-blow account of the trip okay! =) Photos are courtesy of Sue Wen! Thanks!

It was a 5 days 4 nights trip: Penang - Langkawi - Penang again. The main part of the trip was supposed to be Langkawi only, but in the end, we added both days in Penang so that they won't hvta take the night bus, as it's dangerous. hehe. Besides, my uni frenz really lurve penang fooood! lol.

The Characters!


I met them at the kfc near the Penang Berjaya Hotel coz they're too ravenous for lunch, besides we have no transport to go anywhere too far. Paiseh ah, come penang, manatau makan kfc. :P We're joined by beh. After we checked in, they went to play at the arcade nearby as it was very worth-it. RM4/hour unlimited eh. It will definitely be good for noobs like me, haha!

Then dinner was at a hawker stall within walking distance from the hotel. It was quite well-known for its ikan bakar (which I promptly ordered for everyone to share). Most clamoured for the char kuey teow tho. Erm we ordered till cudnt finish eating, haha! The table was almost full. wahliao. And damn paiseh, I seemed to have lost my already minute ability to speak hokkien - I kept accidentally speaking in cantonese to the hawker ppl! blek.

Anyway, since we'd nothing much to do, we went to Gurney Plaza and ended up watching The Simpsons movie. I tot it was really funny - altho not worth the money to watch in cinema - but not bad lah, watch with frenz. The jokes are funnily lame!! But some jokes were abt serious issues like religion, love, family, which actually was a ironic way of viewing it. Good one! We went back home and some of them played mahjong. While the rest went to dreamland as we had to wake up early for the ferry next morning.


Woke up damn early for the 8.30am ferry. Had to drag the guys awake, hehe.

The ferry to Langkawi.

2.5 hours was pretty nauseating as we're cooped up inside. I felt better after we went out to get some fresh air.

A shot of the view you can get outside the ferry.

The blue sky & clouds were really beautiful.

After reaching Langkawi, we had lunch at the Kenny Roger's at the jetty as we're totally ravenous. We then decided to rent 2 cars for 2 full days so that we'll be able to get around easily. Kee & Eugene were the drivers while Puifun and I were the main nap navigators! We managed to get to all places without getting very lost at all! hehe. There! - who said women can't read maps! *sticks tongue out*

Anyway, we checked into Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort, and were given 2 adjoining chalets. (Btw, I must comment on the level of english of the receptionist there. it was pretty bad that they didn't understand what I wanted. Well at least the wait was worth-it in the end.) All trips to-and-fro from the chalets to the hotel's lobby was via shuttle bus, which made the rides really thrilling!

Haha of coz must camwhore at the road in front of the chalets.

I was supposed to be the arrow in a cupid's heart but since my hands weren't really clear in the picture, I took the liberty to photoshop in the heart and arrow. hehe.

Notice that I won't be talking abt the resting-no-activities part okay. Too mundane. Anyway, for dinner, after much deliberation we decided to go to this tourisy spot call Cocoa Beach. Langkawi has this thing abt making their entrances at corners, weird - which caused a very alarming incident before we made the turning into the restaurant.


Since Kee missed the turning, he was trying to backtrack a bit to turn into another side road. It was at this time, a Langkawi tourist van came rushing at us at breakneck speed. The driver didn't horn, he didn't even try to avoid us. He just came straight on. Luckily Kee saw him coming and managed to turn the car in slightly, making both vehicles miss each other by INCHES!!

The driver stopped his car beside us, came down and knocked on the driver's seat's window. Kee opened the door [rmb! we shld never do this!] and apologized. Still angry, the malay driver turned off our car's engine and took the car keys with him. We're totally stunned. But we girls managed to get out of the car.

Kee rushed to the van, still wanting to get back the keys. Puifun managed to ask Suewen to rush to alert the rest of the guys since they were in the other car. Numbers do matter when it comes to road bullies. However, they were quite far off.

I guess the rash driver didn't want the police on him, so after more scoldings, he drove off and threw the keys into a puddle of muddy water by the road. I didn't see him throwing it and was really scared. I didn't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. We're almost gonna rush at the van.

And we're too stunned by this turn of events that we didn't even rmb to jot down the van's car plate number. [Next time, must really rmb to be calm and do this!]

Luckily, all turned out fine, besides us girls being a bit shook up. *sigh of relief* I was SO afraid at that moment. After that incident, we all say that we feel a bit scared whenever we saw the same type of van again. lol.

Anyway, dear dear, you're very calm at that time. *salute* It was admirable the way you handled the road bully (yes that guy was a bully! huff). Some guys would have been too hot-tempered, which might have caused worse problems. And many thanks to Eugene & Kee for driving us around! ^v^


Right, back to the dinner. The food there wasn't really nice and quite expensive! Definitely a tourisy spot eh. The only winning thing abt that place was it had an open air place where you can have dinner and watch the beautiful sun set on the sea.

The breathtaking sunset. that comes with a pricey meal.

After that, we still had time to go to town to shop shop! Langkawi Parade was the place of choice. And omg, the chocolates and liquor was soooo cheap! Duty free stuff is definitely cheap!! *hyperventilates* As you might know, I was a chocoholic, and that place was like a heaven for me! There were so many types of chocs that I've never seen before! Omg~

All of us went on a shopping spree. We mostly bought lots of chocs while some of them bought liquor too. We had to count properly coz only one liquor was allowed per person to bring out of langkawi. Some of the supposedly "good" guys were influenced to buy too.

Anyway that night, most of us started drinking a little. oops. I got quite red in the face but luckily none of us got drunk. hehe. Well, I tot that the liquor's taste was so-so only. *shrug* We spent the night talking crap and mahjong-ing away.

- since this post is getting too long, to be continued -


michelleg said...

u made a mistake there "Luckily, all turned ouT fine". :)

wah scary incident! and the supposedly good guys must be eugene n kee ping? hahaha!! alcohols!!! n chocs!!!! *jealous*

Zzzyun said...

oops typo! thks. i just edited the mistake ya. hehe.

scary isnt it? i think we're "scarred" by that incident. lol.

well i was thinking of Kee Ping (mr batch rep) only lah when i wrote that. *shrug*

hehe alcohol isnt tat good as it is made out to be. chocs is tho! huhu~ :P

Just Eluent~! said...

omg, juz received a call from thuan. didnt expect such road bully(s)existed.

but KeeKorKor also really blur. let pple juz reach into his car like tad. why didnt he juz aikido HIM?

somemore, now crime rates so high. he could have knock Kee unconcious and did something terrible to all u girls in the car. *thinkin of worse case scenario*

but thank god, u guys are alright. *cold sweat*

hehe, i bet suewen scared until wanna cry liew. hahahaha~! "p

kkla.. good thing nothing bad happen.

Zizi, i tink next time KeekorKor might not be so enthusiastic with road trips anymore... after such experience. u better kacau kacau him more ohh... tata~!


Zzzyun said...

shan> haha tzen need to be so anxious until call u ma? *winks*

no lah, kee's not blur lah. he just wanted to apologize, manatau only after open door only we know the person's so scary.

but what u said is true. i didnt think of such worse case scenario oh! looks like i must practice my aikido more in case smtg like this happens again. haha cannot slack liao. bleh.

no lah. he's still ok with trips. only us girls seemed more shaken after that incident. other than that all's fine. ^^

k33LaLa said...

Oi. Who dare say me i scared of tat fella? Muahaha. Im pro u know. President of aikido club dun play play wei! =D

k0k s3n w4i said...

trip posts must be stuffed full of 'em.

I think i have to avoid reading your next vacation post. otherwise, i might just change my mind about staying here in India over the hols and book a plane ticket back!

Just Eluent~! said...

LiShan Says:

even if u're a black belt, also muz b vigilant.

Remember the article where a black-belt girl was robbed, rape and burnt??

anyway, good thing KeeKorkOr not chicken... haha~! else, no more trips liew lor.

cepat cepat update photo(s) lar.

*Shan imitating Prof Moody*

Zzzyun said...

kee> yalah yalah, pro pro. -.- but we girls were scared of being stranded ma..

k0k> what to do. the photos are not with me. and it takes long to get the photos from frenz, summore with a lousy connection like mine. blek. and why are u staying in manipal over hols? come back to enjoy ma!! :P

shan> haha yeah what u say is true. no point inviting trouble for nothing rite? oops photos hvta wait for other ppl to send to me... poof! and u do a poor imitation of prof moody. =P