Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Trip Was The Bomb - Part 2

Okay, finally can continue the post abt the trip! Part 1 can be found here.


This was the day packed with the most activities! hehe. With the rented cars and 2 maps at our disposal, we're at our own leisure to plan our own time!

First up was the the Geopark near the hotel which is kinda like a tourisy village with beautiful scenery. Which of coz means camwhoring opportunities! :P

The entrance to the park!

Four girls, a lake, a picturesque bridge.

Reflection - taken by me. nice right?

There were many other cool bridges too. but hey, I can't post all the pics here lah, huhu. The village also sells many cool tourisy stuff, which were relatively expensive to our wallets.

After lots of camwhoring (we're waiting for the guys to have a light breakfast), we set out for the cable car which will take us to a high spot to enjoy the cold misty atmosphere and breath-taking scenery!

The pink cable car! Can fit 6 at one go. So we split into 2 groups.

A photo showing how high it was.

Ride cud be pretty hair-raising. But then you know me lah, sangat suka thrills punya. hehe.

nice shot of a waterfall that we passed while on the ride!

Anyway, it took 2 separate cable car rides for us to reach the top. And boy, was it high! It was really misty and cold. Love it! And ppl with long hair find it hard to tame it as the wind was no mere breeze.

After enjoying the cool weather up there, it was time to head on to our next destination! We went Go-Karting!! yayz~

I've never had the opportunity to have this sort of fun before, coz most of time my parents were joyride-killers. -_- Since parents not here on this trip, hehe time to try! A bit expensive - RM35 for 10 mins, until they said there was a free ride around the track before and after the 10 mins, so guess it was okay.

Getting ready to rumble~ woo!

No more photos after that, becoz we speeded along the straight part and Suewen cudnt take any photos. pity.

Anyway, it was really helluva FUN! I totally lurve it! Most of the guys went really fast but the girls were a bit more cautious. I really wanted to speed but I almost skidded at a corner so decided to be safe than sorry.

But I kinda get it now why it is so fun to SpeeD! hehe. There is this thrill when you're speeding and there is no one around you! Woosh~

After go-karting, we stopped at a stall nearby to eat rojak. Not bad lah, but I think the famous food there is the laksa, coz it's called Laksa Power! lol.

Then we headed to town for some exploring ala backpacker style. Erm that means we just walk around for a while instead of using cars lah. haha. The town was kinda like those quaint not very modernized places - where kedai runcit was considered as "shopping mall". omg.

The girls continue their relentless hunt for chocs and some other shopping too. While the rest managed to secure a decent looking kopitiam for dinner. And yesh, the dinner here was so much better! And cheaper too! (definitely kena con the day before) The soft shells crabs yummy, rite? I didn't recommend wrongly haha.

Ooo no photos of meals coz my frenz holding the cameras are not typical blogger ppl - who are weirdly associated with taking pics of food before eating. lol.

Well, the guys (who obviously weren't keen on shopping) had their hearts set on going to the beach to watch hot chicks have fun. Hey someone even came prepared with a mini binoculars! oops I didn't let that slip. :P

Anyway, to the beach we went. And volleyball we played. Very fun! Altho I must admit, why do most ball games discriminate against the vertically challenge huh? Huh? no fair! Since some of us were *sniff sniff* vertically challenged, we arrange our game to be smtg like 6 against 3. *grins sheephisly*

No photos of that either becoz we're having too much fun. We must do this more often - to shake up those lazy bones of us. hehe.

It was quite late at night when we got back. The guys went ahead earlier coz they wanted to go to the hotel pub to relax konon-nya. (I think looking for hot chicks was more like it :P But according to them, there were none. huhu.)

Anyway when the guys were out relax-ing, we girls were preparing for Leong's "birthday celebrations". They came back slightly earlier than midnite that nite according to our instructions. The celebrations started with me erm-not-so-nonchalantly presenting him with our special oreo. *looks innocent*

And he chewed. And chewed. Ever so slowly. We're all sitting there wondering was there anything wrong with his tastebuds coz we've replaced some [not all] of the white paste with some of my special slightly saltish toothpaste.

And he ate it all. (O.o?!)

Amazed, I ventured the question that did the rest like the new flavour oreo that we bought. (I just wanted to give him a hint, the rest of the oreos were fine) And it was only after a few minutes that he asked me what flavour it was coz he said it tasted weirdly nasty.

It was only then laughted erupted around the room. And the bday cake was presented to him with many rousing different language renditions of the bday song. The prank was explained to him after that. *smiles devilishly*

Well, anyhow he was surprised that we got him a cake coz he didn't see us sneak it back. hehe. And he tot we'd be too sleepy to celebrate for him. [wah think of us until like that, duwan fren you ade!]

He cut the cake at such a weird angle coz he didn't want to spoil the "richard low" written on the cake. erm inside joke :P

finally got someone kena bully and pranked kau kau. huhu.

Anyway, Happy 21th Birthday! Wish u all the best in the future and maybe get a hot chick gf lah so that you won't need to use those binoculars anymore? oops did I let that slip again? hehe.

So that concludes Day 3 - which was really a fun-filled happy day. =) Erm the rest of the nite was spend drinking + talking crap + mahjong-ing away lo.


Last day on the island. We woke up suitably early and went to the beach/swimming pool.

Nah a shot of the swimming pool. sorry no hot chicks. well I didn't see any lah. -_-

Camwhoring in a manmade cave near the swimming pool.

Nice ke our 8 hands deity effect? haha.

Yeap! We were here!

Vandalism on the beach? :P

After that, we checked out, went back to the same kopitiam for lunch and were soon on the ferry headed for penang. Most of us just conked out for the entire journey. haha. Too tired ade.

We checked into the Penang Berjaya hotel and then spent some time in the arcade again. When it was quite late, my parents came to fetch me home. The rest will be taking the bus home the next morning.

For me, the trip ends that nite.

It was definitely a really fun-filled trip with frenz!! I miss it lots! We definitely shld do this again! Yayz! (^v^)v

PS: You can read Puifun's more condensed version of the trip here. hehe.


Just Eluent~! said...

yeah!! *jumps in celebration*

Richard LOw KANA puNkED! he didnt realise the cookie was filled w toothpaste? but eat liew, will die wan a not?? -_-"

aJe, wish i was there to see it myself. but all well, ur piC is also good enuff.

why didnt Su Wen go for the go_karT? *chicken isit?* hehehehe~!


k33LaLa said...

not she didn't want...There were not enough karts! Only 8 cars. Very unlucky. However, she sacrificed herself not to join, taking care of our baggies. Thx to her la. Still sendentary anyway =P Hahaha~

michelleg said...

haha!! i miss the view from the top of the mountain/hill !!! damn cool la the cable car ride.. thrilling :P

Zzzyun said...

shan>haha we totally shld hav said: you've been punKed! haha.

nope he didnt realise until he finished the whole oreo. i dont think will die lah, since he seems to be doing quite well. =P i think if u're thr, it'd funnier.

suewen didnt go coz there were only 8 cars, and i think she didnt want to spend the money (it is kinda exp!) since she went b4. and she was nice enuf to take photos and take care of our bags for us! =)

Zzzyun said...

kee> aiyo first praise suewen then bully her after that. dun like tat lah.. -_-

michelle> yeap! the view is really nice! love the cool atmosphere thr. u also think the cable car ride thilling leh. now if only it'd go faster then it can qualify as roller coaster liao. haha

AiLing said...

Wow, looks like you guys had so much fun!

Zzzyun said...

ailing> yeap we really did! u and ur frenz shld plan sucha trip after ur exams too. hehe.

its really more fun to go with frenz! =)