Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Celebrity-Look-Alikes

Yes yes, I'm working on my looong trip post. So don't give me that look.

I've just gotten some of the photos (I waaant more!) so I need to photoshop them too, plus write abt the trip. So cut me some slack ya, ppl.

So this will be another intermission sort of post - and so that I can "syiok sendiri" a bit too. hehe. So check this out!

Apparently, I do look quite like Song Hye-Kyo (sorry I do not know who she is coz I'm not a fan of korean dramas! anyone mind telling me?) coz most of the camwhore photos I used of me has her as my highest celebrity-look-alike! *winks*

Umm so I quite pretty also hor? *in syiok sendiri mood*

Erm yeah, you don't need to answer that, it's a rhetorical question. lol. Besides, I don't think I could bear to know the ugly truth. boohoo.


michelleg said...

syok sendiri!!!!

but i like song hye kyo!! she's so pretty.. and cute.. ah, i wish i had her looks =P

erm, i wont comment about ur 80% similarities with her tho. haha!!! =P

Zzzyun said...

yup! i acknowledge tat this is a syiok sendiri post already k. hehe.

ooo everyone seems to like song hye kyo eh. she must be really pretty in person. (oops i'm not a fan of korean dramas)

haih i think everyone wishes to be pretty n cute. coz seriously sometimes i think "the world is ur osyter" when u're beautiful, dont u agree?

erm 80% similarities wo... *looks around* hehe