Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Mail That Starts With "E"

Today, I received possibly the longest personal email that I've ever received. Oh, "big" revelation, huh?

Guess me and most of my old frenz aren't really the keepy-in-touch type, especially not thru email. They don't seem to be a fan of using the internet, which is amazing to an internet addict like me. haha. Oh I do keep in touch with a select few but it's mostly thru the once-in-a-while sms. Even if it's an email, it's normally just the average few lines asking "how you are doing currently?" etc etc and of coz, not to forget the golden question of "have you gotten a bf?" -_-" But hey, I do appreciate those too, as they don't come too often either.

So this morning, I admit, I was rather surprised when I saw this super long email sitting in my inbox, no less from someone that I wudn't expect to be asking advice from me. Not becoz we weren't close - coz we ARE - but becoz I didn't expect someone that seemed more experienced than me in matters of the heart to be asking amateur ME for advice. Seems funny, ain't it?

But there was nothing funny at all in the email - I mean if you looked closely at the issues at hand. Of coz there were the few half-hearted humourous attempts at lightening up sucha serious subject, but then they were only that... half-hearted attempts.

I cud sense the despair that drips from every sentence in that email. I mean, only someone desperate enough would choose ME to ask for advice about love, don't you think? hah.

I know you asked me to keep this a secret, and I will - under the shield of vagueness and anonymity - I hope you wudn't mind. Coz the many questions raised in your email has been bothering me for the whole day (it's not your fault btw) and I need to blog to keep myself sane. Blogging has always been my psycho-therapy, in a way. To make the many thoughts fogging my mind clear away.

And so I ploughed on with my reply. Which I can at least happily say, was almost as long as the one that initiated all this.

People come to me for advice all the time. Is that a good thing? I do not know.

I'm happy to be able to help others, even though it's not in the "saving the world from armageddon category". Coz at least, I'm able to bring some temporary relief (if not happiness) to them, even it's minute compared to what others are doing.

But it's tiring, mentally.

Coz the bad habit in me is to empthatize too much till I feel like I'm going thru the same problems myself. Hopefully I'll be able to change this, so that I'll be able to help others more in the future.

It's been so long since I wrote a personal emo post, hasn't it?

Anyway, in this case, I can't do much but just give my honest opinion. (Which I guess is what I do best.)

I hope it helps.

All the best, my friend. And be strong.

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