Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unusual Dances

Oops, have not been blogging for the past few days due to laziness and lack of interesting material. I'm sure you guys do not want to hear abt how many hours I'm sleeping per day (so much till I'm getting a headache from oversleep! o.O) or some of the weird dreams I've been having lately (and you know I normally don't rmb my dreams once I wake up or I don't dream at all due to lack of the normal 8 hours of recommended sleep).

I can't believe I managed to ramble for sucha long paragraph... huhu.

Anyway, yesterday my fren recommended that we go watch some artistic dances at Komtar. We tot it'd be a different sort of experience, compared to the normal roam-the-shopping-mall-in-search-of-the-perfect-heels-sort-of-thing. hehe.

And so we went. It was RM15 per person. For that price, I guess it was okla, but definitely cud be better. Some of the moves looked kinda uncoordinated.

Well, we were on time but we missed the first dance altogether becoz we cudn't find the place. I haven't been to Komtar in many many years - and sad to say the place has become rather rundown. Can't imagine what tourists would think if they come to this supposedly famous Komtar tower. Seriously shld spruce up the place a bit. The situation there is just plain sad.

Anyway, they rushed us into the audi (which at least was quite presentable compared to the sad excuse for elevators outside!) and the 2nd dance was just starting. It started quite normally with 2 guys doing some ballet moves, which to me was okay since considering this was supposed to be artistic and I was prepared for wayyyy weirder stuff.

However, it didn't turn out to be so normal after all. The guys started doing moves like hugging, *faked* kissing and looking very deeply into each others' eyes. Which totally gave us the creepies. Eeew! It'd have totally been fine if it was a guy & a girl. Two guys doing it just creeps me out. o.O

Okie, I'm not really against gays (or homosexuals if you wanna be politically correct abt it) - although it does takes away most of the 'beautiful' guys, its freedom of right, isn't it - but still I don't think I can tahan the PDA [public display of affection] of gays/lesbians.

So you get the drift. We're kinda taken aback by the second dance. But it did leave a lasting impression on me tho. lol.

The other dances were what it claimed to be - artistic. I was forever trying to figure what's the hidden meaning behind those fancy/tacky costumes and weird dance moves.

the ticket and programme sheet given - The Sense of Dance

Sorry no photos of the dances. Isn't it SAD? A blogger that doesn't own smtg remotely like a presentable camera? My phone's camera is rather lousy (don't believe? the pic above is already photoshopped and it still looks shitty) and there's this annoying snapshot sound tat can't be turn off whenever I'm ready to snap a photo. *sigh* Anyone wanna sponsor me to buy a camera?? Donations very welcome! hehe.

Oops, digressed again.

Okla, make things easier. I'll just give a short summary on each okay. Below are the list of dances.

  1. Song of Journey - no comment coz we missed it coz we were late! I've a feeling it'd have been a great opening dance. :T

  2. Dear Brother - erm so it's not abt gays huh? Abt brotherhood then? But why act so gay leh? Or does the 'brother' has a hidden meaning? Aikz.. but it was definitely an eye-opener. Their moves also not too bad.

  3. Reborn - this one kept me guessing abt the meaning of the song. Supposed to be abt the 4 seasons.. but go figure. *shrug*

  4. White Dragon Cave - Ah, this is quite good. I like how they use 3 people to dance as if they were one dragon. Weirdly, their costumes were purple and yellow, a far difference from the white dragon they were supposed to be. lol.

  5. Good Morning - The cutest dance!! A bunch of girls in pyjamas dancing with pillows.. I tot the moves not bad, I mean pillows aren't the easiest to make dance moves of, ya know?

  6. An Affair With The Brush - Erm okok only. The brush in this case was a mop. Imagine a guy dancing crazily with a mop. Schizophrenic comes to mind, I dunno why. lol.

  7. Circle - The meaning of the dance in the programme sheet was good [something abt the transition from one circle of frenz to another circle], but I simply can't see how the dance represented it. oh well.

  8. Broken Braid Edge - I really liked this. It was abt how women are treated unequally since ages ago. A girl with a very long braid dances around in throes of despair, the effect of the braid swirling around is nice! And in the end, the girl gestured with the braid to the crowd, showing that women today are still bound. Touching~!

  9. Tsunami - supposed to be a memorial to the tsunami that claimed so many innocent lives. But it was kinda creepy. Coz the dances were supposed to represent the victims, all drown and wrecked up. The dance started with a pile of "bodies" lying in a broken heap in the dark. Which looked super creepy!! Their makeup was really realistic. There was one girl that stood out among the rest coz she looked really ghostly - with her thin sunken face, huge eyes, ghastly pale face and most of all, that murderous intense stare. yikes! I tot this was a nice intepretation coz they managed to show themselves being swept around helplessly by the strong waves and the alternating hope and despair. Nice one!

Alright, and so ends my review of the dances. Although I'm no expert in the art of appreciating such dances (I find it easier in me for art appreciation somehow), I think it was definitely a great new experience! ^v^

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