Monday, August 06, 2007

Polyvore (Part III) - Better!

Another intermission post of sorts. Hearing me blabber abt the trip everyday would be quite boring also right? Besides, I haven't gotten all the photos I need.

So let you feast your eyes on some of my new creations at polyvore. It's so fun that I'm kinda addicted. If only it'd load faster... it makes my comp lag so. Maybe it's the internet connection that's slow? hmm.

Okie better cut the crap. Enjoy. Comments pls! Tenkiu tenkiu. =)

The Perfect Sunset

A couple kissing in the beauty of the sunset.

Disco Party High

Took me very long to find the materials needed to create this. But end result is quite pleasing.

Able to recreate the "high" atmosphere! yay!

Dress To The Nines

A simple dress turned magnificent with added frills.

Fairy In A Dream

A not so conventional concept of a fairy but then what is a dream, if not just our thoughts?

Queen of Accessories

My new fav! Took a long time to make, but the end result is stunning!

Her hairdo is made mainly of scarfs, feathers and some jewellery. Isn't it beautiful?

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