Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thinking Back & Looking Forward

Hey peeps, sorry for the slight hiatus. coz I really have nothing to ramble/rant about = b0red0m! Besides, as you can see, I've been indulging in photoshop (altho it makes me nutty sometimes!) and beautifying my blog, giving it a spanking new look! hehe. It's quite fun actually. =)

Anyway, for those of my frenz who are on hols and away from imu, well, here watch this video abt the IMU Cup that is coming soon! Be A.L.I.V.E.! [!] I like how they change scenes by focusing on the ball/shuttlecock etc. Nice scene transition!

Will be going back KL coming tuesday - just in time to watch the Variety Nite. Heard that orientation this time is VERY tame/lame which is sucha big pity. The fun of coming into med school is definitely the orientation during the first week. lol.

I really miss those times! These juniors definitely do not know what they are missing. I'd say going thru orientation was a real humbling experience for me. Good for all of us (who I assume mostly were super-high-achievers when they came in, correct me if I'm wrong) who were too big for our boots. Ego-nya! hehe. Coz med school in itself is a humbling thing. yeap! ^v^

Sem 4 is gonna start soon! One more week! I dunno if I'm glad or sad. I can't say the boredom of the hols have been productive. >.< Probably I'm the sort of person who can't stand sitting or lying still for too long.

I need to do something productive - fast! haha.


michelleg said...

ya. wat lar those who went and complaint about orientation were such WIMPS. some of those recent juniors really got attitude problem. i don't really like some of them =/

btw, endocrine was quite a breeze and then followed by rotation postings again. so u still have time to relax ABIT. after that time to study LIKE MAD. hahaha =)

Zzzyun said...

Yes i agree! but i heard those that complained were seniors wo, not juniors. >.<

hmm, what juniors got attitude problem? the new batch u mean?

endocrine really so easy mah. haha. then rotations..! yay~ but looks like i've been relaxing a tad too much during hols ade.. alamak! =P

wah i dont look forward to the crazy days of studying MADLY leh. sigh.

michelleg said...

senior? definitely not from my batch!!

the newer batches, some from ur batch and after ur batch lar. lolz.

endocrine was pretty straight forward. last time i was really relaxed all the way until repro.

Zzzyun said...

no lah i heard the complains came from pharmacy ppl lah. rumoured k~

oh also got my batch ah? wah scary. >.< hehe so far the juniors i met seems pretty okla. altho some seemed abit too big for their boots. lol.

well glad to hear that endocrine is straightforward. =) yay!!

SHAN said...

thanks zizi, fer the clip. great job by sathya... >.<

Zzzyun said...

haha no probs. ooo sathya made it? cool.

John said...

lol, abt the video, kind of lacking creativity la i think. The best pt was the 'sathya' x-wing at the end.