Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cooking Fest

To break the monotony of seeing lines and lines of words on my boring blog - here, let me entertain you with a few pics of some of the food I cooked a few months ago.

(yes apparently it took me tat long to upload and photoshop the pics! haha. Besides, this post has been in the draft for ages. so yeah since I've nothing else more interesting to blog abt, it's time to take stuff out of the dust)

Actually there are other dishes but I think I gobbled the food up before remembering to take pics. boohoo.

Below are a few examples of the types of easily-cooked food that students are into.

not bad. came with a cheesy salty sort of taste.

I even added fried egg! lol.

inspired by the famous yummy egg toast at Oldtown Kopitiam.

Mine tasted pretty awesome too! =)

(well it's kinda hard to go wrong with dipping ur bread in egg then frying it huh)

Made my own sandwich. The bread slices have already been made into egg toast.

Add in some lettuce, tomatoes, nuggets, sausages and voila!

A sandwich guaranteed to make you drool! haha.

Lemme tell you, two of those gigantic sandwiches were more than enough for one meal. yum.

Haha... My stomach feels hungry now. Even tho I just had lunch. lol. I wished I'd taken more photos of the other dishes I'd cooked the past few months.. hmm. I remember cooking some more-geng-not-so-easily-cooked-dishes.

Anyway, this will hvta do for now. Don't think I'll be doing much cooking at home. Mum is afraid I'll burn down the kitchen I reckon. lol.

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