Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Long Ago It Seems

Ahh.. you guys must be wondering what happened to moi, that she didn't blog for 3 days straight! even tho she is having hols.

Well, the thing is... she fell sick.

Yup, she's been trying to defend herself against the evil sorethroat. And the bouts of flu.

omg for the past few days, my nose is either blocked or running like a tap gone bonkers. arrrgh.

Anyway, I seemed to be better now so tot will just appear here to announce my return haha. And below are a few random pics that I photoshopped ages ago.

Guess what is this photo about?

a few haphazardly placed memorabilia

from some high sch functions that I attended as a girl guide

Just tot I'll take a photo as a memory before I throw them away - sry I have to make space for other more essential stuff. Can't be a hoarder anymore.

Here's a close up of one. that has a special meaning to me.

7th annual pcghs campfire.

one that me and some fellow girl guides helped to organize.

it was lovely. the food wasn't as bad as it usually was, the background was magnificent.

I suddenly wished I could relive those times. of being an innocent *cough cough* young girl in high school and not be a young adult studying her way to more stress.

oh well. the sacrifices one make to become a oh-it-must-be-so-glamour-to-be-a-doctor. >.<

I guess we only live once. so we must enjoy the journey instead of harping on the destination! =)

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