Friday, July 18, 2008

Here Comes The Emo Post

I'm afraid it will happen again.

I know I'm not exactly the greatest person when it comes to keeping in touch, mind you. So it's natural that I might have some misgivings about saying goodbye to the many wonderful friends I'd made during the 2.5 years in IMU.

Two and a half years. It's not short but it's neither very long.

I shall always remember.

  • the gym sessions where we talked crap more than do gym haha. no wonder till now still can't slim down.

  • the many gossipy mamak outings where many juicy news passed thru our lips *shhh we'll never tell* we expanded our secret society from 4 to 6 members summore! lol. definitely gonna miss this bunch of ppl. but maybe not the extra calories haha.

  • the countless karaoke sessions where we sung our hearts out as we seemed to have a tendency for emo songs.

  • dinner gang! the evenings we spent discussing medical jargon or just plain crap over the pretty pathetic catered food (food was only nice on a few days - the rest of the days, sadly, it was only just edible)

  • the days we spent mugging till the library closes at 10 and the library auntie chases us out by ringing a bell (lol pavlovian theory! *gasps* we must be the dogs) the rubbishy nonsense we talked to keep ourselves from going insane from all tat studying.

  • weekly basketball sessions that were started due to boredom from studying for exams. quite nice to exercise. I think the guys took it easy on us girls tho.

  • how you all proved yourself to be true friends by telling me the honest truth. And I badly needed it to pull myself back again. and it showed me that you guys were truly concerned abt me - smtg I never had before. that must have took some guts but thank you, I was really touched.

  • the many birthdays we celebrated for each other. surprises abound! hiding near the lifts, in the person's bedroom itself etc. one of the best was the surprise party with delicious home-cooked food. and self-entertainment to boot! karaoke sessions and matrix pingpong!! damn funny!

  • the weekend meals. many thanks to the ppl who alwix drive us out to eat at alison. mega. mcd. and other hawker centres. am gonna miss some of the food there too.

  • speaking of food, I am definitely gonna miss the many delicious food I've tried while in kl. Chili's high & mighty pie. and the Fish & Chips are to die for too. don't forget the sumptous spread at Jogoya! fusion cod fish at Shogun! Chop & Steak's fruit juice. Ajimal's maggi goreng. ok I better stop here or you will know what happens next. leave zzzyun talking about food and she won't stop lol.

  • how the guys never failed to make me laugh with their funny antics. even though it can just be a look, a stupidly funny comment or just a light tickle/punch. am gonna really miss them. they really cheer me up when I'm down.

I guess that's all for now. My brain is too emo to squeeze out any more memories.

But I know they are in the grey matter somewhere, coz sometimes at night when all is quiet, they come to haunt me sometimes.

Because I know fully well that I will never be able to relive them again. only in my dreams.

To tell the truth, I am still afraid.

But I think this time, I shall try my very best to keep in touch, alright?

But even if in 10 years' time, we have stopped talking to each other and are renowned specialists in our fields, maybe even competing against each other, I shall always remember.

The days we were friends. being there for each other. a ready listening ear. a shoulder to cry on. cheering up ppl by telling lame jokes.

You guys brought into my life the real meaning of friends. For that, thank you for being my friend. And I apologize if anything I'd said or done has hurt you in any way.

All I can say now is take care and may all good fortune be yours. If fate is on our side, may we meet again in the future.


k33LaLa said...

Aww..dear this post touches my heart! Ish Ish...gonna miss those times. Yeap must keep in touch wif others!

Zzzyun said...

*awws back* haha good lo if this post touches ur heart. i want my writings to get their msgs across.

i am gonna miss those times too! T_T

at least u get to go with half the gang to seremban. u wont miss so many ppl sigh*

keep in touch keep in many times hv we used this phrase but never really do it? =/