Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tearful Yet Thankful Transition

Right now, I'm blogging using my bro's new laptop from my home in Penang. (settings on my laptop got some problem so can't online for now hmm) Yes, you got that right, I've finally moved back to penang and my time in IMU has officially ended! Woohoo!

And boy, don't I have news! Yup, I'm very happy to announce that I've managed to pass the ardous-spirit-breaking EOS5!! I've managed to get a pretty good result too so am definitely grateful. =)

Despite not managing to finish one round for all the notes (therefore used the First-Aid for USMLE book - totally my saviour! - to give me an overview on some stuff and praying my brain will rmb the rest), I guess I'm pretty lucky to have done relatively well. Besides, I just needed a pass so that I can continue to my clinical years smoothly. omg I'm not ready for that at all.

Anyway, congrats to all my batchmates who passed as well. We are now officially halfway to becoming a doctor!! lol, I don't feel like one.

And to those who didn't make it this time, study hard for the resit and we'll keep on praying for you guys. Gambate! M106 can do it~


Sigh, clearing up stuff in my old room in vista was certainly a tearful affair. Clothes, messages, cards, prezzies etc unintentionally brought back many many memories shared with friends. The memories just kept coming, flashing back as though my supposedly short-term memory brain was playing tricks on me. hah.

I'm seriously really really gonna miss all of the friends I made here. It's so sad that we don't even know whether we'll see each other ever again. yes, sounds melodramatic but it is true. And I haven't been saying many goodbyes to them... because well, inside, I don't want to say goodbye.

However, such is the way of life. In the end, I left many goodbyes unsaid. Hoping that we'll be able to meet up again in the future. It might be a naive dream, but hey I can dream, can I?

My brain hasn't been able to come up with a super emo damn power blogpost so this will hvta suffice. for now. Maybe my brain doesn't want to say goodbye either. haha.


Anyway, I can't believe the amount of junk stuff I have. Have already started keeping and throwing out some super old clothes, useless outdated books since yesterday and I still haven't finish keeping everything in its place. Well, one of the problems is that there is a serious lack of storing space in my house. Sigh, we certainly are hoarders. Must try to throw out some useless stuff. yes.

Arrgh. headache is back. Am going to just send some emails then get some sleep.

What? buay song izzit?

It is officially a holiday for me now! YAY!!


Darren said...

A big congratulations!
Remind me of the day i got my sem5 result too=)
Well ya u've made the half way..another half to go..very best luck to you.
You didn't mention where r u goin? seremban or PMS?
Whichever it is, wish you all the best and enjoy the next half of ur med student life=)

Zzzyun said...

ooo thank you! feel so honoured to have u commenting in my blog! =D

oh i'm doing the PMS program - going to UWA in Perth next year in Jan. so have abt 5 months in between. dunno what to do in btw. feel like want to do some hosp posting so tat my knowledge dont go rusty. but dunno who wud want to teach a 3rd year med student, sigh.

well i hope tat i can handle the challenges of a student life well. and be a good doctor like you. ^v^

Darren said...

Be like me? *head swollen* haha
Wow 5 months are VERY long..better plan it well. Hmm hosp posting is kinda boring ha, of corz you can do but maybe jsut for a while say like 1 month.
What about taking some exams? Like USMLE (since u're already reading it)'ll be useful. Just an extra option for ur career.

Ohya..let's exchange link, what you say? i've added you=)

Zzzyun said...

yeah if i do posting probably also would be around 1 month only. the doctor prob duwan me to tag after him for so long also haha.

I heard USMLE exam is pretty hard. and i only used some parts of tat book. and my knowledge in certain areas are kinda lacking (eg pharmaco, microbio) so dont think i'd be able to do very well in tat exam also.. *oops* and the most imp thing is tat i've no plans to go US! haha..

but i think i'll try my very best to not waste my hols. maybe will brush up on my knowledge in those areas tat are lacking lo. =)

PS: okie! have already linked u!! *jumps around excitedly* lol