Friday, July 25, 2008

Keeping Busy

Although I was sick the past few days, but I've not been letting it get me down.

Let's see. I went to get my photo taken as a lot of those passport-sized types will be needed in the near future for applications etc. Then I went to get my passport done on wednesday. Procedures to get it done was pretty efficient! Waiting was rather minimal and I managed to collect it on the same day itself! Finally smtg right has been done!

Anyway, the funniest part was when my dad and I almost ran over half of old penang trying to find a photocopy shop open at 8 in the morning (none cud be found!) when all the while there was one available behind the building. *zhadou* Definitely better to not hurry too much and stop to ask directions! *but guys don't really like to do that dont they?*


Wah, why are there so many application forms and procedures to handle before one can go overseas to continue his/her studies??

Need to get letter of good conduct. Get a medical check up by the panel of drs available. Need to do visa. Find accomodation (residential halls or off-campus??). Book flight ticket.

Is there anything else? Hope I didn't miss anything out. =/


And!! My offer letter came yesterday! woo~ Was understandably excited of coz. Besides having to send back the letter saying that I'd accepted, my dad also needs to pay for my first semester's fees first before they will issue me a confirmation of enrolment letter.

And may I say, IT COSTS A LOT! (especially after you convert to msian ringgit)

I felt guilty when I saw the amount it totalled to. Times that by 6 (in total 6 sems) and omg, the amount is soooo huge. I don't really like to think about the amount of money my parents has invested in me as it puts me under a lot of pressure to perform.

*thinks back to eos3 where we're under severe pressure to do really well so tat can get a pms we want! and therefore save a lot of $$$*

Sigh, sometimes I wonder, what if I fail to become a doctor? I would be letting my family down AND wasting a lot of money too. I guess I am in too deep. Already 50% there. Just hvta see it to the end. And hopefully come out unscathed. I pray that the clinical years will be kind to me.

[Seniors, I heard that the hardest part is in the pre-clinical years. Is that true? so does that mean I am pass that? so will just need to work hard to pass the next 3 yrs?]

Anyhow, I still got a lot to learn. I only know how to do certain things in theory, time to put it in practice. Speaking of practice, looks like I'm only officially starting class in march. Although I have to be in aus by late january (why so early!! when there are no classes also!).

Bored to death at home. Am wishing classes will start earlier. so can graduate earlier. earn money earlier too! I miss my freedom.


So I was bored. And didn't want to totally waste my time. So I went to Dad's clinic on wednesday night. Plan to go at least once a week to keep my lousy brain from become too rusty. hah.

A sem4 junior was there too, doing his GP rotations. Said hello, chatted a lil and apparently he knew who I was before this thru some of my frenz.

Anyway, there was an interesting case imho. Young female patient came with what looks like loin to groin pain. (but to her, the pain seems to radiate back to front then front to back - dunno what she meant also) She was a foreign worker who can only speak chinese so I have to be the translator for dad wahaha!

I suspected kidney stones (woo now I can diagnose already la izzit haha) especially with the associated dysuria but can't say anything on my own coz I'm not qualified yet! Dad told her that there were 2 possibilities - kidney stones or appendicitis. Asked her to come back asap if the pain doesn't go away with the med. And also to drink more water so hopefully can flush out the stones naturally.

To me, this case seemed interesting (hey the others were just cough and cold, smtg like what I'm having myself) as it was different and it looked rather like a classical presentation from my textbooks. at least it was smtg that I'd learned and shld be able to diagnose. yay!

Okay, guess that's all for now. pretty long post eh.

Do do check this out! Damn freaking funny. Tot I was gonna die of laughing lol.

PPS: Just learnt how to download brushes (for Photoshop CS3) and new fonts! cool~ Will experiment with them (so long didnt do artistic stuff ade) and will put up my artwork here when I had done a few k. For those interested, here is where I get FREE BRUSHES and FREE FONTS! Enjoy!

PPPS: Finally finished reading Stranger In A Strange Land. Weird science fiction that challenged even my moral ideals. And I'm supposed to be rather open-minded! But definitely worth a read as it gave me a lot of food for thought.. Now gonna reread The Devil Wears Prada before starting on something new. What? I can't read good chick lit ke! I like whut.


k33LaLa said...

OMG! Tat baby instructions pics again. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Damn farny! U guys must see...Really cute pics and farny event though some are lame as well.

Zzzyun said...

hahaha those pics really make me LMAO!!! i hope ppl will be interested enuf to click the link..