Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Is What I Call Boring

omg I can feel this blog is going to one of the most boringest blog (is there sucha word? haha) I've ever seen in the next few months. The previous level of interesting-ness can only be restored when I go to UWA to continue my clinical years next year in Jan.

Probably will have at least smtg of substance to talk about. I can't believe all I could talk about in my previous posts was the massive cleaning up of my sis's room. I shld have taken "before" and "after" pics! You guys would be amazed at my cleaning skills! haha.

Okie enough abt that. I suddenly rmb some old ancient but more interesting stuff to blog about but the pics are in the bf's phone (his phone's camera is so much better than mine) so dear, faster send me the pics!

ok gotta go ade. My bro say wanna use comp ade. I wish I can use my laptop to online! *sigh*

More interesting posts coming up when I get the pics! =)

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