Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Update Update

Apologies for the miserable lack of updates although it's after the exam. As I supposedly should be free and dandy.

(Un)fortunately, I got hooked to the Sims 2 that I bought a few days ago. I think I've already spent at least 24 hours on it ade! haha. Yes I'd played it long ago when it was still hot but then it went and rosak itself and apparently I haven't got off my addiction till now!

Anyway, apart from playing God with my little Sims *wahaha* what have I been up to?

Let's see. Point form it shall be. Sorry it won't be in chronological order coz my brain is a bit buzzed right now.

  • Viva results were out on monday. Went to check for my frens too. None of us got.. so I dunno whether that's a good thing or not... *let's keep our fingers crossed* Results will be out this friday! omg I really wanna pass! So I can use this holiday wisely! Well I say that for now, but I probably would just be bumming off. haha.

  • Went shopping with Liyann & Puifun at 1U on monday after helping them check the viva results. Finally bought a pair of slippers (my old pair really no hope ade) and a pair of pants! I likey~ Ooo thanks to the dear bf who was willing to send & fetch me all the way there! As he says, it's the last time I'll probably get to shop with them in a long long time. =(

  • Anyway, girls, I really had fun. Food at Delicious was really delicious! lol. The macarpone smtg smtg spaghetti (sorry forgot the whole name ade coz too long!) was definitely a winner. Kept me craving for more! hehe. Applicious Pie and the wedges were not too bad too! =D

  • We went to watch Hancock on monday night. Yes after my shopping trip I was dead tired but still hvta go. Coz everyone else is going! hoho. If you ask me, the movie was okay, had its funny moments but somehow it just lacked that lusture in its plot. Didn't have that "wow" moment. Sucha pity coz Will Smith & Charlize Theron were in it and they played their roles well. I guess we are too used to all those loud action super hero movies and here comes one more about love. hah.

I guess that's for now. Haven't been doing much leh. Sorry lah, we are boring people who prefer to stay at home and play games. haha no-lah, just that these few days dunno want to do what also. Besides, the more we go out, the more money we will spend right! Must save money coz going overseas soon lo. =/

*le sigh*

Left only 3 more days before I go back to Penang. Not that I'm not thrilled about going home after sucha long time being away... but I think I'm going to miss my frens and especially the bf dreadfully. Don't remind me.

*pushes the thought aside - the emo post shall continued to be procastinated on*

Later will be going out. To where I'll not say hoho. For now, shall go rest me head. Stupid headache.

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