Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life Is Good

Okay, today I have finally forced myself to take a really satisfying nap without any alarms set to wake me up lest I oversleep or anything. Boy it felt good!

And I wonder why I don't do naps on a more regular basis. oh wait, that is because normally I haven't been sleep deprived for weeks!

Can't wait for the dark circles to slowly clear up then. (yes I have very dark circles to prove my sleep deprivation. *sigh* the sacrifices medical students sometimes make..)

Anyway, after that some of us went to have dinner at Chop & Steak, which is this nice dinner place serving yummy western food at reasonable prices. And their fruit juices are to die for! Seriously, at rm2.50, it is one big glass of very thick natural fresh fruit juice! Worth-it right? *hearts*

After a satisfying dinner, came back, cleaned my room, washed and changed the bedsheets, took a bath and here I am online. Wow, everything just feels.. good.

For me, one of the pleasures in life is to take a nice warm bath and then sleep in a clean nice-smelling bed. You can think that's weird or whatever. But for me, that is really very calming and makes me feel all relaxed..

It's funny, I was supposed to blog about the exam in this post.. but just don't feel like ranting now. Maybe the next one then.

For now, life is good. =)

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