Friday, July 11, 2008

It Is Time

Omg omg. Results will be out in less than 30 mins or so. And I'm still blogging at home.

Aiyoh, just started packing up and cleaning stuff a few days. Not my fav job in the world I tell you. So I only did a little everyday. hah.

Watched Wanted yesterday with the bf. Yup, that was probably our last date in a long long time. *sobs* Lurve the Chicken Katsudon in Sushi Zanmai. thanks for the meal, dear! =)

Sorry. everything is jumbled up. Coz I can feel the adrenaline slowly being released into my blood again. I'll update more later. when I can think more clearly.

Time to get ready.

Results, here I come!

Please, let them be good news! Don't think I can stand more studying... I hope all of my friends get thru too!

*cross fingers and toes too*

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