Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sushi Galore

Want to learn how to make some simple sushi? You've come to the right place!

The recipe below is by my ex-hsemate Joanna, who has kindly taught me how to make sushi. I've made some modification to the recipe though, as I've some past experience! hehe yummy!



  • Rice (3-4) cups
  • Sushi vinegar
  • Crab stick
  • Cucumber
  • Egg
  • Japanese soy sauce



1. Cook the rice. The portion of the rice to water is 1:1. But add a little bit more water as it is better to be slightly wetter than dry.

2. After the rice is cooked, transfer it to another bowl and add sushi vinegar about 1/5 the amount of the rice.

3. Let it cool down. (Normally from 30 mins to 1 hour)


1. Defreeze the crab stick. Cut the crab stick into half (Normal size for serving, but if you want to retain it that way, go ahead)

2. Remember to add a little bit of sugar into the egg before you fry it.

3. Cut the cucumber into slices with the size similar to the crabstick.


1. Cut the seaweed into half if you just want to put crabstick (but it's up to you). If you want to put egg, cucumber, crabstick as the fillings, there is no need to cut the seaweed.

2. Put the seaweed on the mat. The smooth side will be facing downwards.

3. Spread the rice evenly. Make sure it's not too thick or you'll get a very-hard-to-roll and fat sushi! It's best to leave the ends of the seaweed more bare and just put a few rice bits so that it'll be easier to stick the ends when you're done rolling it.

4. Put the crabstick (or those three) in the middle and roll it from one end to the other.


1. To make smaller servings, cut the longish roll into small pieces.

2. Use a sharp nice and wet your knife everytime before you wanna cut the sushi. Or else it will be very hard to slice thru.

And you are done! Happy making!


Kee and Kee Ping were a great help in making the sushi. They definitely have some artistic blood in them as theirs turned out pretty nice! hehe. The sushi we made turned out tastier than I hoped! woo~

Here are some pics to showcase the results!

looks yummy doesn't it!!

This one was for the bf's family. Coz they always belanja me yummy food so definitely must let them enjoy this!

Notice we used egg, sausage and cucumber as the fillings.

I also made a similar package for LiYannie since that time it was near her birthday. but manatau that day she fell sick so went home early. so I had to give her a day later. Hope it still tasted okay! ^v^

me midway making riceballs

We ran out of seaweed but still had a lot of the fillings and rice. So guess what? We made riceballs!

We wondered whether it was possible that the creative Japanese people also ran out of seaweed one day and voila, riceballs were born! haha.

amature rice balls! but they looked delicious too

It's not easy to make riceballs with hands as the rice tend to stick to your hands. It is advised to wet your hands before you wanna touch the rice too.

Simple sushi making isn't too hard. but it takes practice to roll them into nice cute pieces.

So... are you inspired to make your own sushi now? =)


k0k s3n w4i said...


if you got a lot of rice, make onigiri better. i tot u meant onigiri when u said rice balls :(

Zzzyun said...

haha why not sausage? they taste great with the rice!

ooo i guess i shld have tried making onigiri then. but scared it might be abit tasteless for my frenz ma..haha