Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Of late, there seems to be much ill-feeling in the bloggosphere so I think I'll give you guys a light-hearted post alright.

Here's a grossly funny pic from one of the models in CSU. This is all in the name of light-hearted fun so pls dun sue me okay! *big puppy eyes*

Anyway, this is what you will see when you lift up the pregnant model's abdomen to adjust the fetus's position.

an awkwardly positioned 'fetus'

Wahliao, the body is made of so soft material, no wonder I cudn't feel it at all lah. Can only barely feel the head to determine whether it's cephalic or breach presentation.

But then this model is used for practice sessions only la. No worries, in exams, the better models will be provided.

And sorry to say, I must admit, that is gonna grow up to be one ugly baby. lol.

Those in need of another dose of humour, check out this site -
Cows with Guns. LOL. Recommended from Titus' blog.

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