Monday, July 09, 2007

The First Miracle

Will be keeping this post short and sweet.

Anyway, rejoice as there is the unbelieveable good news! There is no resit for OSCE!

I myself can't believe it when I got the first sms. But apparently miracles do happen. =) So I guess the ppl involved won't feel so bad abt it now. And they probably will be able to survive the next year with the rest of us. I feel glad for all of us.

Thanks to the SRC for fighting for our rights. Thanks to the dean and his whole entourage for making this decision. It really is for the students' benefit. Thank you.

However, if there really are any cheaters that got away, well you know what you did. Karma is gonna come back and kick your butt sometime in the future! *evil_laugh@mp3_not_found*

Yeah, can't believe I'm procastinating my usual post-exam-ranty-post (especially since I didn't do too well either). But whatever.


*Taking a short commercial break*

Have been watching movies like there is no tmr.

Movies on the big screen - Transformers, Die Hard 4.0

Movies on dvd - The Myth, Fearless

All are not bad. Especially those in cinemas. Transformers totally rock socks!! Go watch it now. Don't think becoz you're a girl and not a fan, then it won't be nice. I had intial doubts abt it at first. But it's good! ^v^

*alright, we're back on air*


Maybe I'll do my post after viva list is out tomorrow! *gasps* There are mixed feelings abt that. I dunno to hope if my name is in that list onot.

I just want a clear pass, puh-lease? *looks towards to the heavens above*

I'll just continue to hope for the best. Today's decision showed me that miracles do happen. Let's hope there are more.

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