Thursday, July 26, 2007

Polyvore (Part II) - Getting The Hang Of It

I've finally finished the last Harry Potter book! ^v^ (Yesh, slow aren't I?) But then the fault was not entirely mine, I fell slightly ill the last 2 days. Don't worry, I'm on the mend now. hehe. Must get better for the coming trip! Am really looking forward to it... =) *jumps around the room excitedly*

Anyway, I'll be taking time to write out my review of the book... so this post is not abt the potty pottermania. Instead, it's to distract you with the new Sets I'd spent my non-ill time making. Admittedly, I think I'm getting the hang of this. yay!

Right, less reading of my ramblings and more admiring of *cough cough* lovingly-crafted creations! =)

Behold~ (click to enlarge)

Birds Lover

Another slight variation of the same concept. But less colour than I'd have liked. But just can't find pretty pics of birds!

But I liked that I found a suitable earring that I made into a dress for her. nice!

Bloody Night of Remorse

Decided to dabble in something darker than usual. The end result is this.

It's quite gothic-looking... so I quite like it. It looks like it tells a story of a crime of passion! Which was what I had in mind, when I made it. hehe.

Insanity of A Genius

This is my personal favourite now.

It has that haphazardly-put-together-look of beauty. Creative bold use of objects that at first look does not seemed to match.

If you haven't try out Polyvore yet - where I made all these, then you're definitely missing out on smtg cool! And don't forget, comments pwetty please! =) Arigato!

I got this from Ellice's blog and decided to post the link here... coz I found it intriguing. Behold, M106's
Jeremy Lee, in Seventeen mag. wow.

PPS: Today is THE day I finally made the facts known to my parents. And thank God I came out unscathed!! phew... Am feeling really relieved & happy now. And the weight upon my shoulders are lightened very much so. *smiles goofily and skips around the house all day* omg, I really gotta stop all this ridiculous but hilarious play-acting that I like to write in my blog. *dead-pan look*


michelleg said...

u told ur parents about.. u n kee? heheh.. good lar :P

Zzzyun said...

wow... so fast guessed ade wan! eee!

anyway it's all good. =)

btw, u are supposed to comment on my creations! not this.. blek. haha

michelleg said...

so easy lar.. haha.. this story was more interesting.oops. but ur creations are not bad. kinda odd in the cool sense.. =)

Zzzyun said...

hehe geng! *pui fuk (cantonese)*

anyway, i was aiming for that odd/cool effect when i was making them! so yay! i succeded... =)