Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting Potty Again Now, Are We?

Haha, don't worry, there are absolutely NO spoilers in this post, becoz I'm only getting my Harry Potter book tmr. *sob sob* And don't you go shoving spoilers in my face eh!!

I remembered when I got my 6th book slightly late last time, and this guy put this major spoiler (that dumbledore died!) oh-so-innocently in his msn nick. I was ready to murder the guy. I was boiling with rage. Lucky he was not physically near me or... *evil laughter* So careful with your words guys. Do not forcibly gimme any spoilers against my will until I've finished the book. Or else you shall feel the brunt of my wrath! Muahaha~

Don't believe me? Read one of my old posts when that happened. Be very afraid.


Anyway, yup, today is THE day that the last Harry Potter book is out. How could I forgot to mention that in my earlier posts? But being a Harry Potter fan seemed sucha long time ago.

I rmbed being crazy over the first four books. But starting from book 5, it just went downhill from there onwards. Besides the story becoming less and less interesting, it also took too damn long for the next book to come out, that my interest just dwindled...

I just got on with my life. Can't be a HP otaku forever, right? (otaku = jap for a person who's very obsessed with smtg)

Sad to say, I don't rmb all the many many fine details of the Harry Potter story. All that had to make way for all the medical facts that I tried to saturate my brain with. Last time, if you ask me anything abt the story, I'd probably be able to shoot off my mouth. Now, I seriously can't rmb much. Let's hope the details will come flowing back in when I start reading the book tmr. hehe.

Anyway, I'll be watching the HP 5 movie with my sis tmr afternoon. Yeah, I promised her that I'll watch with her. (btw guys, sorry tat I caused you guys to can't decide on wic movie in the end! promised sis ade ma, definitely hvta watch with her right?)

Alright, I'm signing off now. I also hope that my reading speed will pick up when I read the book tmr. My speed is so much slower compared to last time. I cud read abt 2 books a day last time during the hols. Now, not even halfway thru one then I get bored ade. Mind mind, my attention span sure is getting shorter. blek.

I seriously hope that this book will be better this time, since there is no more next time. No Harry Potter goes to college, Harry Potter gets married etc etc. lol. So far, reviews are pretty good. I hope it's that way too.

Right, cya guys. And no spoilers please, I'm warning you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Did you hear abt the news that they are selling the HP book at a much lower price in various hypermarkets? It's just too weird... And major bookstores are boycotting it by shipping their stock back? *sigh* Luckily fans that have pre-booked (thks dad! ^v^) will still get their orders. I wonder how are the rest are gonna get their books now, as the hypermarkets probably have limited stock only. aih.

PPS: Yeah, I know this post is a bit rambly and cluttered. Coz I'm multitasking - chatting online, watching movie & blogging - all at the same time. So my train of thoughts are all over the place. Sorry abt that. Will definitely have a more well written post next time ya. hehe. toodles!

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