Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Okay, I better stop procastinating and get on with that Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows review that I said I was gonna write.


Warning: There are MAJOR SPOILERS in this post - so if you haven't finish reading said book - so pls make yourselves scarce from this post okay. There! I've made my warning perfectly clear, so if you still insist on reading on, it's on your own risk. Proceed only if you're worthy.


Here I go! *sharpens sword*

I for one, think the book is REALLY GOOD - if you can gloss thru the small little loopholes, flaws or some parts of over-predictability.

Well, guess I'll start with the negatives first then.


NEGATIVES - why the book could do with some rewriting:

  1. Have you ever wondered what sort of powerful concealment spells that Hermoine and her lot could have cast that prevented the Death-Eaters from tracking them down for so long? Doesn't make sense that three "snotty" kids could have known spells that a bunch of evil growns-ups didn't know how to detect, right?

  2. Lord Voldemort didn't know that Harry was "in his head" (ie reading his thoughts) at those opportune moments. Weird, isn't it? And it was these moments that gave Harry hints on what to do next. If I was Lord Voldemort, I'd have just shut off the connection btw them - surely it couldn't have been harder than shutting down a computer for the great Legilimens that he apparently was. -_-

  3. And why was Lord Voldemort so lax as to take the protection off his snake had at the very end of the book? yeah, granted that he thought Harry was dead, but that didn't guarantee that his snake wouldn't accidentally get shot at by some mis-aimed deadly spell, right? If it was my last Horcrux, I'd be very very careful with it. Dumb move, Vouldy.

  4. Crude expletives were found in this book that was supposed to be suitable for children. I was mightily surprised when I saw the word "bitch" screamed by Mrs Weasley who went straight for Bellatrix Lestrange. And normally she's the one who asks her children to mind their language. what a laugh. Anyway, do excuse her as she was really angered.

  5. I was crossing my fingers, predicting that Snape would turn out to be a good guy in the end... due to the fact that this book is supposed to be abt good morales. Lo behold, it was true! Irony when referred to #4. But if he didn't love Lily Evans, he would have turned out evil anyway. But it was definitely a sad tale of love. :'( Anyhow, I'm still glad that he turned out to be protecting Harry from the start till the end, at the risk of his life and at the scorn/hatred of others. It was a job of no thanks. Well done, Snape!

  6. I do think that Harry was being a bit too lax (if not arrogant) by assuming that others would not be able to defeat him to get the Elder wand. I mean I understand that he wouldn't want to use the wand and all, but shldn't he be a bit more careful since he'd shouted for all to hear that he is the Master of the Elder Wand? Even Hermione & Ron were looking at the wand in awe. Btw, if the wand was so "unbeatable" and all, how can someone beat the Master to procure it? Doesn't make sense to me. -_-

  7. Btw, what's with that ethereal scene in King's Cross' station? Was Harry & Dumbledore in some subway station before reaching heaven or smtg? Don't really get it. But it did provide some of the answers that Harry was seeking for. And what was that ugly scarred baby doing there? Was it Lord Voldemort scarred soul? I could only assume coz no explanations were given...

  8. Oh ya, by the way, I still don't like the Harry x Ginny combo. No chemistry whatsoever! I still can't get over the fact how abrupt his love changed from Cho Chang to Ginny in the flip of a heartbeat. But yeah, that grumble shldn't be in this book, right? Ron x Hermione combo is nice tho. They are sooo cute!

  9. And yeah, can't help but admit that the names he and Ginny (they had children together? omg!) are a bit wincingly predictable. Albus Severus? James? Lily? eeww!

  10. Deaths were many in this book. But the last few deaths (Fred, Lupin, Tonks etc) were important characters too, right? How come their deaths were glossed over just like that? Justice please! The only fitting death was Dobby's. That was beautifully written I admit.

  11. Speaking of the ending, that reminds me. Imo, the ending was written too haphazardly. Only the fates of the main characters were made known. What happened to Nevile? What abt Aberforth? Many others who I'd like to know what happened to them in the end.

Am I being too harsh? Don't worry! I still haven't gotten to the positives part, have I? As a critic, I shld be objective, presenting both pros and cons.

So here I go again - before all the potter fans start grasping my neck and baying for my blood! :O Will make amends!


POSITIVES - why the book deserves all the praise/hype it gets:

  1. In my opinion, this book is the BEST of the series. This one is rather action-packed most of the time, and Harry escapes certain death countless times thru unpredictable ways. Hermione and Dobby surely did save his butt many times. haha. You rock, Hermione! And I was really sad when Dobby died. He was one of the ppl who had a thankless job and died for Harry. *sigh*

  2. And the way Rowling puts all the puzzles (which she had carefully but casually placed in the rest of the 6 books) in place is deserving of praise indeed. Who'd have tot the Riddle Diary, the Gaunt Ring and the Ravenclaw Diadem were horcuxes planted early on? In the earlier books, they seemed to be magical objects in their own right. And you know how much I love a good o' puzzle. ^v^ There were many other tiny examples [like the ghoul in The Burrow, the Grey Lady and The Baron] that played their role in the end.

  3. The way Rowling places Dumbledore in the light of suspicion when dirty facts abt the most shadowy years of his life arise is surprisingly good. I like this becoz it shows that however noble and good a person is, he will have his own moments of darkness too. And Dumbledore admitted to Harry that he was a weak and selfish teenager once. This seems to make Dumbledore more real than the kind-can't-do-no-bad-goody-two-shoes-appearance that Dumbledore seemed to portray earlier on. Coz no one person is entirely good or bad in this world. Well, maybe except Vouldy in this story. lol. And the truth behind all these rumours is well-written too. Nice one!

  4. Love, racism and that good will triumph over evil in the end are one of the few themes encountered in the book. And it's great the way Rowling incorporate such themes into the storyline without being too preachy. Love was apparent when we saw how Snape turned away from his belief in Lord Voldemort due to his love for Lily. Racism was clearly showed when we saw how Lord Voldemort lost the battle becoz of his thinking that mudbloods and other races (like house elves & goblins) were beneath the great purebloods. But it was these races that worked together to bring the victory in the end! As for the last theme, no need to mention already right if you know the ending. :P

  5. And the inner fight in Harry btw Hallows & Horcruxes was nicely done becoz it shows that sometimes doing what is RIGHT and not what you WANT is the most important. Rmb the part where Harry thought he was walking to his death? And still he walked on, courageous but scared. Even though every heartbeat told him he was crazy, to turn back. He did what was right, what he had to do "for the greater good."

  6. Death. A lot of ppl fear it. In this book, there were many many deaths. Deaths that came swiftly without warning. Deaths that were supposedly "for the greater good". Deaths that came to those who justly deserved it. Rowling managed to give ppl a new thinking on the concept of death. She lets us learn to accept that Death is a natural thing and there is no need to fear it - coz in the end, Death is not the very end, is it? It can be a bit cliche but I can't help but say I like the way she puts it.

  7. The book made me laugh out loud. (I rarely lol even though there are funny scenes in many books, *shrugs*) I found one scene particularly tickling my funny bone, altho it was not supposed to be so. I shall quote that part: they flattened themselves against a door as a herd of galloping desks thundered past, sheperded by a sprinting Proffessor McGonagall .... they heard her scream: 'CHARGE!' Don't ask me why, but I find the idea of a herd of galloping desks particularly amusing! *laughing my ass off* The fact that the Proffessor had to resort to that means they are losing? And she could only bewitch what was left - desks? Food for thought.

Ah. My brain can't rack up anything else. I'm sorry that my positives are lacking in number compared to negatives.

But I still say the book is GOOD!

I give it 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. =)


Btw, I'm just giving my humble two cents' worth, this is just a personal review - you are entitled to your own opinion. So no flaming pls! Comments/constructive criticism are welcome tho. thks.

Think that this review is no good at all? Or that I may be biased in my review due to my love of Harry Potter? I'm giving Rowling too much praise?

Then sink your teeth into this other review by k0k - who's all for the stand that the book is a total flop.

Btw, if you're wondering why do some of my negatives seemed similar to k0k's, well let's just say great minds think alike, shall we? *winks*

I guess it's time I put down my obsession with Harry Potter, for this is the last book in the series. Time to say farewell to the magical world in Hogwarts that I dearly loved.

Goodbye~ *waves tearfully with handkerchief*


k0k s3n w4i said...

The only part of Bk7 I like was hw Rowling humanised Dumbledore.

Rowling let money get to her head. The book was absolutely riddled with movie sequences and money shots.

BK 6 IS THE BEST!!! SNAPE!!!!!!!

XANDRA ANG said...

haha.. good review.. i think neville became a professor in herbology or something.. in the last part where Ginny ask her son to send him love.. haha..

Zzzyun said...

kok> yeah i like how dumbledore seemed less goody-2-shoes eh! great minds certainly do think alike! *high 5*

movie sequences and money shots? prob becoz she planned for it to be more action packed i guess.

well book 6 best part is certainly the last few chapters.. but before that ver boring eh.. bleh. and maybe i had someone ruined the best part for me i guess. sigh

xandra> haha thks. oh ya, now that u reminded me, yeah he did become a proffesor. but what happened to the rest isnt clear eh. hmm...