Sunday, July 08, 2007

After The Fire Has Cooled

My blog's hits are totally sky-rocketting due to the controversial post prior to this. Interesting. I wonder if those ppl reading are my batchmates or outsiders? (a few ppl comment only wan... *little sigh*)

Anyway, we'll know for sure tomorrow if we need to resit. I've a bad feeling abt this. A gut feeling that they will make us resit. For me, it doesn't affect me as much as some ppl who already flew back home to some faraway place.

But after much hoo-ha, slowly we're getting used to the idea. Since nothing can be done, we would just have to do our best and hope the lecturers won't take it out on us. I'm sure they are mature enough to know what to do. =)

However, I feel sorry for those involved in the "handphone incident". Coz although they're too careless for their own good and deserved to be scolded, however, at least some of them have the decency to show that they are genuinely sorry. *good for you!* I'm feel sorry for them coz (if we hvta resit), they're sure gonna have a hard time in the year to come with our batch.

Unlike the sem5s, they can just fly off after the resit, our batch will hvta put up with each other for one more year - that is, if we all pass. I really hope all of our batchmates pass together. I don't want anyone to be left behind. Me, especially. -_-

Well, I'm totally enjoying myself although technically exam is pseudo-over. Heck, who cares. I think OSCE, as a clinical skills exam, depends on how you perform then and there... and not mugging abt stuff beforehand.

I think that's all for now. Remember to check your emails ya, peeps! May we pray and hope for the best. ^v^


Alright, fess' it up. Only the blind would have turn a blind eye (excuse the pun) to the fact that I've spruce up my blog's header, giving it a total new look!

So what do you guys think?? Comments/criticism are welcome! =)

It took me very long to figure out how to move an image from one picture to another [sorry lah, I noob lah, still learning how to use photoshop], also making sure that the empty parts were cut away, letting the picture below show thru.

I absolutely lurve the "M.D. icon" that I managed to cut/paste into this "butterfly in the moonlight" image. I managed to change the icon's colour, wanting to make it stand out more but funnily it somehow will always just camouflage itself into its present state and into the buttefly pic. Go figure.

Anyway, overall I'm satisfied with the end result. So I need comments! *winks*


michelleg said...

it looks ok but abit blur.. is there a sentence beside the MD?

Zzzyun said...

yeah i think it looks abit blur too. but nothing much can be done abt that as sharpening the picture wud sharpen the whole thing.

nope, no sentence. it stops with MD. =)

k0k s3n w4i said...

what has enlarged abdominal veins gotta do with comments? XD

Forgive me for saying this, but I like the old banner better. This one would have looked cool to me if I have now already seen your prev one.

and it's pretty blurry. hw did you make this?

Zzzyun said...

nah just put the caput medusae thing for fun. coz cudnt think of anything else better for now. hehe

oh i made the new one using photoshop. quite a noob at that tho.

quite a few like the old one better too... maybe i'll think of smtg else when i have the time. any ideas?