Friday, July 13, 2007

The Moment Of Truth

Short post, going out in 5 mins for karaokeing session in Greenbox. This is our last enjoyment hang-out before results come out at 5pm today!! *gasp*

I've a bad sickening feeling abt my results, dunno why. It's been sitting in my tummy since a few days ago. But anyway, I will just continue to hope for the best (can't do anything else, can I?) and that this feeling doesn't come true.

Alright, just GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all the cool m106 peeps! *winks*

I just wanna pass, that's all. I won't be greedy and ask for more. yeah. Wish me luck, guys. ^v^

This is it, The Moment of T.r.u.t.h.

I'm scared.


Shea Speare said...

Good luck Zzzyun!

I'm sure you get good results!

Zzzyun said...

thank you! =) glad for the encouragement. ^^