Friday, July 27, 2007

Everything That Goes Up...

...must come down.

That simple sentence alone is the essence of the law of gravity that governs our lives. Although hardly enough to paramount the massive significance of each blow or high that would change our own lives forever.

Currently, I can said to be at one of the peaks of my life. Yeah, life is good to me now. I've managed to pass my EOS3 with a pretty good result [which till today I put down to luck], which a lot of seniors say is one of the hardest exams in our pre-clinical years. Another obstacle that I've tackled was when I managed to share the facts with my parents, and came out unscathed - tho not quite like how I expected.

I've a loving family (tho not totally in the traditional sense), great frenz (they're there to listen when I needed advice) and a caring bf (who was there for me when I was down). What's a girl lacking? So yeah, life is pretty good now.

But it has not always been so.

Failures? I've had my fair share of them not so long ago.

I was just editing some of the categories of certain posts (decided to set up 2 new categories exclusively for Pictures, Creations - you can check them out under Categories in my sidebar) so I was reading thru some of my old posts. Mind you, some of them were really emo!

Here, read this and this, where I faced one of my biggest fears of failures. It was one of the lowest points in my life.

Admittedly, my downs might be little compared to the other monsters that others had to face. But however teenie they're in others' eyes, in mine, they were as real as the cold marble floor that I placed my feet upon.

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself.

Change is inevitable. If I could, I would like my happiness to be static now, hold on to it so that I'd forever be on a high. Not possible, eh?

In no time at all, something would come along that would me pull to the depths of despair again [and yeah, I think I'm a drama queen]. But what could I do?

Face it. Tackle it with courage and hope - the hope that all will be alright again someday, before the vicious cycle takes over again.

I know. Out of all the many people reading this post, some of you might still be facing your own demons.

All we can do is try our best. And have faith.

Coz although many things in life are up to us to make it happen, the rest is up to the powers above. And rmb, the powers above help only those who help themselves.

Remember: Do not give up! Slough it out! This is a part of life. You will get thru somehow. My prayers and good wishes will be with you.

I hope I myself rmb all these inspirational words the next time I'm faced with an obstacle so huge that it seemed to have covered all the light in the sky, leaving only darkness. Hope is the only thing that shines so brightly in the solid darkness.

I must continue. I know the path ahead is littered with obstacles. But it is the path that I choose, so continue to thread it, I must. You must not give up too, my friend!

This feels like an end-of-the-year-musings-sort-of-post. But since I didn't make a list of resolutions this year and felt in the mood now, just tot I'll get it done.

Live in the now, right?

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